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What caliber would you prefer?

Old 10-01-2008, 07:04 AM
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

The question did not specify what game animal, or distance, or terrain, so for an all around gun, I would take the 30-06 if I had to choose only one caliber. I normally choose the caliber depending on what and where I am hunting.

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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

Since we're in the deer hunting forum, I'm going to assume you're talking about preference for a deer hunting cartridge. Since I hunt in Texas, where the deer are not as large as in some of the corn-belt states, I voted for the .243. Plenty of pop. Virtually no recoil. Accurate. Haven't lost a deer yet, and the terminal performance (drt and/or distance traveled after shot) has been no different than when I used my .30-06.
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

For years I used the Ruger .270 W/ 130grs. For the last 12+ years I have been using Ruger .243 W/ 100gr Sierra Game Kings and Ruger 6.5mmSwede W/ 156gr Alaska....
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

I've used 3 of those for deer. Fairly certain the deer didn't have a preference. At 100 yards or less, I really don't prefer one over the other.
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

Of those cjoices, .243, no recoil, cheap ammo
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

30-06 hands down
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

I voted for the .308 'cause it's an excellent, wickedly accurate, cartridge! Besides, it kicks the snot out of my old .30-30! [8D]

I have the best of both worlds when I go hunting during firearm season....

Old Marlin .30-30 with plain iron sights: Legendary cartridge, 'nuff said. I use this ol' thing when I'm deep in the heavy brush, real thick woods, where a shot is limited to 50 yards.

Savage .308 with Bushnell 3-9x40 scope: Wickedly accurate out to 200 yards. I use this when I'm up high on a ridge overlooking an abandoned pasture, where I can reach out and drop a deer at 150-200 yards, if need be.

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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

I use a 30.06 with scope, but a 30-30 without scope. Thats my brush gun.
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

I voted #7 50.Cal Barrett Anti-Personel rounds
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Default RE: What caliber would you prefer?

Any rifle within 100 yards will kill....dead.......I voted for a 308 due to that being my favorite handling gun with chance of follow ups needed(haven't yet but it is there)!
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Quick Reply: What caliber would you prefer?

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