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Funniest moment

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Default Funniest moment

what is the funnist or stangest thing that has ever happned to you while deer hunting?
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Default RE: Funniest moment

Well it begain when the deer started coming across the road into the field just at dark and I could get any closer by moving to the other side that was the bedding area So I moved to the edge of the road in a stand of popel trees. Right at prime time when the deer usally come out a car came down the road and a old lady got out I thought okhere we go.But she just went around the back of the car and into the ditch and two trees a way she squats and pees with her shinny white butt facing me. did I metion old lady
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Default RE: Funniest moment

I was almost killed by a squirrel. I was setting in a climber in one of three Yellow Locast trees standing around an old hog scalding pit. I had dozed off and when i woke up. Instead of jeerking my head up. I opened one eye at a time to take a look around. There was a squirrel in the tree across from me. He was bunched up to jump and sprang at my tree just as i set up. He freaked out in mid air. When he landed in my lap he lost his friggin mind and started chewing.
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Default RE: Funniest moment

A few years back during muzzel loader season we had just a beautiful fall day. I was sitting back in my hunting chair, leaning back against a tree, and catching a few mid day rays. I dozed off for a while in the mid day sun and when I awoke about an hour later, I awoke to a doe, not 2 feet infront of my face just staring at me and I guess wondering what was making that snoring sound. After opening my eyes, the doe just stepped back a couple of paces. We looked at each other for a few more moments and I just remained perfectly still. After a few more moments she just calmly turned and disappeared into the bushes. It was shocking yet way cool hunting moment.
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Default RE: Funniest moment

I was hit by and owl while in my stand which scared the heck out of me. Another time I was sitting it was still and calm. A tree about 5 inches in diameter, 5 yds in front of me just fell down for no reason, it's time was up. I thought that was cool. And since I was there it did make a sound.
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Default RE: Funniest moment

It was early archery season several years ago and I had a mile walk to get into my evening stand. The temps were warm that day but I knew that when the sun dropped lower it would get chilly so I had a one piece jump camo suit. I developed quite a sweat on the walk in and was really hot by the time I climbed up into my stand. I hung up the bow and unzipped the camo and dropped it to my knees to "air out." I was standing there naked cooling off nicely when I heardsome deer coming.I froze and watched as a coupledoe came into my lane and started to feed. I had to stay still and they wouldn't leave. I could see a shooter buck coming up the path and decided I couldn't move. The doe just stayed there and fed and the buck stayed out of range. There I stood for what seemed to be a half hour and then realized I was getting cold. I couldn't move since the does were so close and once they locate you the stand is worthless...and it was my best stand. I finally couldn't stand it and was freezing. I moved and pulled up the camo suitand all the deer scattered. No deer for me from that stand.
One other funny one came from my brother when he was hunting with his bow. He was on the way through a swamp to get to his stand when the deer camp trots struck. It came on suddenly and he quickly dropped his drawers and started to make his deposit. Suddenly he heard someone in a nearby tree say J**** Chri*t. He didn't realize it but he did the deed just 25 feet from someone’s tree stand and the guy was there. Pretty embarrassing to say the least.

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Default RE: Funniest moment

The only really funny thing that has ever happened to me while hunting was me and my cousin were driving through a pasture to get to our hunting area, and all of a sudden a doe jumps up andstarts running right next to the window of the truck within touching distance for about 500 or 600 yeards then it just veared off back into the pasture.
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Default RE: Funniest moment

I had been hunting about two years and hadn't killed my first dee yet. I was on a small piece of land and could see the nieghboring property which was a cotton field. Nothing had moved all day and I was getting ready to head home when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked across the cotton field and 400 yards away I see this huge brown figure coming out of the woods and start feeding at the edge of the cotton field. My mind flashed back to all the old timers talking about seeing the biggest deer of there life and I start to freak I get my bleat and grunt out and decided I am going to try and call him over. The whole while I haven't even seen his rack yet. HE continued to feed but kept his head down and eventually went back in the woods. My hopes were crushed then he reappeared and total buck feaver sets in rapid heartbeat, hard breathing, shaking hands the works. After about five minutes he finally lifts his head up I see his rack and he lets out a loud and long MOOOOOOO. I then understood just how hard it is to judge the size of an animal at long distances. Needless to say it was a few years til I told anyone about that.
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Default RE: Funniest moment

Last year I shot a nice 8 point at 6 yards. It was at first light and I couldn't get him to stop. I had a slight front angle shot, but one most any of us could make 10 times out of 10 on a standing 3 D target.

At the shot he changed directions and run out of sight. At about 80 yards I heard limbs break and hoofs or antlers crashing. However 25 minutes later when pulled my arrow from the ground and examined it I could see it was a liver hit and there was only a very small speck of blood on the ground and over the next 80 yards there was only one other speck of blood and no deer.

I was hunting about 200 yards from my jeep, so I decided to take my stand to the jeep and wait for 4-5 hours. About 80 yards from my jeep I picked up a heavy blood trail which led 30 yards behind my jeep and over a very steep hill. The deer left a heavy blood trail on the blacktop in the state park which is heavily traveled by vehicles, hikers and dog walkers.

My fear was that if I, one of the hikers or a dog even looked over the edge of the hill the buck would go farther down the steep hill making recover a night mare and/or perhaps once again leave little to no blood trail.

So I cover the blood on the black top with leaves and tree bark; however, every time a car would pass the leaves would be blown out of place and I would have to replace them to cover the blood. On two occasions people walked dogs by and thank goodness both times they were on leases. Both times the dogs did pick up the blood trail and start to follow it...my heart would stop but the owners would pull the dogs back under control.

After 4 ¬Ĺ hours of this which seemed like a week. I got up enough nerve to peek over the edge to see my buck laying 20 yards over the bank, he expired while watching his back trail. He scored 140 and gave me only a 20 yard drag to the road. It couldn't have worked out an better.

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Default RE: Funniest moment

my first ever time deer hunting i was sitting in a wooden deer stand.. and i got in at like 4:00 and sunsets at 7 so we shoot til 8 well i said i might as well eat now or never.. so i pop open a pack of hot and spicy peanuts.. well i left a few on the rail for whatever reason and about deer 30 i hear leaves crackel.. i'm thinking ohhh boy.. first hunt and i've got one.. well 5 minutes later hes getting closer and closer and all of a sudden it stops.. well i'm thinking NO! hes gone..well a minute or so later a squirel hops up on the rail.. walks down the rail and picks up the peanut... and sits down.. starts eating it and just as soon as he gets it in his mouth good he starts running around franticly and then jumps up the tree goes up .. down and flies off into the woods ...

last time he eats hot and spicy peanuts
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