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Sharpshooter0406 08-04-2008 06:41 PM

Shooting a video
I was wondering if anyone had some insight om buying the new camcorders on the market and which ones would be good for deer hunting my price range is up to $600 or lower


dog killer 08-04-2008 08:32 PM

RE: Shooting a video
i use a SONY mini dvd camcorder.


i didn't know that at the time or i would have bought some other brand.
try to get one that has a high OPTICAL ZOOM ! mine has an 800 power digital zoom and its almost useless zoomed out that far. also get one that offers STEADYSHOT.this will take some of the shakiness out if your hands are not steady.NITESHOT is useless unless your very close. and last but not least,choose one that has a USB cord to hook to a computer for downloading
videos into your mini-dvds will not work in a computer unless you have a dvd driver in it. hope this helps. i've learned this from using mine.

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