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Jimmy S 07-29-2008 12:05 PM

Speaking of ground blinds.... you have to be concerned with deer being able to smell the blind?

I understand the deer may have to get used to seeing it in their back yards and they will.

But is that strange smell something a hunter should be concerned with?
If yes, then what's the remedy?

I sure would hate to be scent freeas possible only to discover the deer are avoiding my area
because of the scent the ground blind is giving off.

Just thinking out loud.....

robbcayman 07-29-2008 12:09 PM

RE: Speaking of ground blinds....
I hunt from blinds every year with great success. What I do is brush them in a month early and rub leaves and sticks all over them. Plus, I do spray some scent killer (this is probably overkill, but I do it anyways)

The real benefit about hunting from a blind is it does help eliminate your scent. I never worry which way the wind is blowing, or even if it's raining. ;):D

After a month of being outside the scent goes away and the deer get used to them.

DannyD 07-29-2008 01:45 PM

RE: Speaking of ground blinds....
I hunt exclusively out of ground blinds or on foot.

Like robb said, put it up, brush it in and spray it down with some brand of scent killer. leave it up a few weeks ( if that's possible where you hunt) and you are good to go.

Shot one with a gun at 3 yards last year. No kidding and not exaggerating.was actuallyjust under 3 yards. The deer came in from behind and to the right. He went to turn left and actually had to move out a little not to walk into my blind. I was watching this through the screen on the right side of my blind. He crossed in front of me.

My blind had been up for over a month by then.

Mojotex 07-29-2008 05:54 PM

RE: Speaking of ground blinds....
I have a very good friend that lost his left arm to the elbow in an industrial accident. He is a ground blind man almost exclusively. Has been now for about 12 years. His blinds go up in about 10 seconds !!! Amazes me. I have been with him when he has killed nice bucks. Like others have mentioned, if he has time he will "brush" it in. But that must not be necessary because just last year one afternoon he and I set his blind up on the edge of a field. Sitting out in the bald open more or less with only short pines as a back drop. Within 45 minutes had a fat doe and a huge 9 pt. on the ground with his ML.

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