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Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

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Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

Old 07-27-2008, 09:00 PM
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Default Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

Curious to hear some stories about the biggest buck you've ever seen? Doesn't have to be while hunting, just biggest ever? how big was it? Let's avoid the game preserve bucks in nat'l parks or part of breeding programs. Free ranging wild bucks...

And how long ago was it?
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Old 07-27-2008, 09:15 PM
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Default RE: Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

The biggest one I have ever seen was in West Virginia in 1989. It would have scored somewhere around 190-210, and was standing on a power line about 200 yards away from the highway with a couple of other smaller bucks and does.
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Old 07-27-2008, 10:13 PM
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Default RE: Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

Other than the one in my avatar

I've seen a couple exceptional bucks. Several while hunting. One though was in baltimore MD near the Bass pro shops. Very little woods in the area from what I saw. This buck was in an area never hunted I'm sure. I only got a quick look but the height of the rack was amazing....

Another one I saw was here a few years ago chasing a doe about a 1/4 mile from the house. All I saw from the side was tall points and lots of them. If I had to guess I'd say 6-8 on one side and all over 8-10 inches at the least. I was in awe....he probably scored the most...of course I never got a long look to guess.

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Old 07-28-2008, 01:14 AM
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Default RE: Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

14 point, probably around 180". A buddy of mine grazed him in early muzzleloader about 6 years ago. A couple weeks later I had him heading into my scrape dripper, but he didn't follow the heavy trail that led down past it. Instead, he cut straight down over the lip of the ridge and basically brushed my tree as he went by. Stopped about8 feet from my stand. Instead of waiting for him to continue down to my dripper, I panicked and tried to draw on him. He heard me, took 3 long bounds, stopped in some thick brush and walked off. That was the first year we saw him, andhe was never seen since. To our knowledge hehas never been killed.This was a buck of 3 or 4 lifetimes around here.My buddy was not thrilled when I told him about the hairless patch across the top of his back that appeared to be a couple weeks old!
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Old 07-28-2008, 06:11 PM
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Default RE: Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

This is my story of the "one that got away"...
I was 17 years young and it was my second season of hunting. I had asked my father to borrow his Toyota truck, as mine was a big / loud Ford 4X4 and wanted to sneak into my secret spot. I showed up to my spot approximately 20 minutes before legal hunting. This allowed me to get into my stand about 200 yards away as the sun broke over the horizon. As I walked down the foot path about 20 yards, this massive buck jumps out in front of me and stops 10-15 yards from me and starts to stomp his hooves, bobbing his head up and down and continues to snort @ me. I practically crap my pants, as I thought this big buck was going to maul me! I had never heard of Deer doing this so I was a bit scared. Remember back to the begining of the story, I mentioned it was 20 minutes before legal hunting, well that means the gun wasn't loaded and let me tell you I fumbled around my pockets looking for a shell to protect myself. Just as the bullet touched the receiver of my Winchester .30-.30, he gracefully trotted off into the darkness, never to be seen alive bye me again.

There were 3 huge bucks taken off of Lempster Mtn. that year and all of them dressed out over 245 lbs. I truely believe he was one of them, as my buddy's Dad had scored a 228lb. 10 pt. monster that same year and the Deer "that got away" looked very much bigger. It has taken me 20 more years to see another Deer of that caliber and I couldn't catch up to that one either, as he only offer me a running shot during muzzleloader season @ 80 yards, which I declined to take.
Maybe this year!!!
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Old 07-28-2008, 06:48 PM
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Default RE: Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

My biggest Buck I shot to date is a 9 pointer with a heavy wide and fairly tall rack .
He wade 216 field dressed and looked like a horse on the ground .
I seen a real nice 7 pointer a bought 150 yards away on the edge of a open field that bordered brush and thick woods , I had my cross hairs on him as he was just standing there . I was ready to shoot then all of the sudden he started running at an angle coming toward me but in the thick stuff .
I herd splashing and limbs breaking come to find out he was after a hot do ( middle of November ) at abought 930 am .
All of the sudden I seen a doe then a hudge bone colored rack comming thru the woods . It was another buck but a lot bigger .The doe would run 10 to 20 feet then stop , the buck did the same , Finaly he was in a very small clear spot then stopped .
I put the cross hairs on him and shot . He dispeared , I new I aimed for the shoulder. the doe ran.
Then the big 7 pointer flew by then stopped 75 yards away , I grunted to him and called him in to abought 45 yards . He stood there for a few minutes then took off .
I got out of the stand and found my buck laying 50 yards away right where I shot.he never even moved .
I hit him in the lower part of the neck just in front of the sholder .
I t was a very small window to shoot thru and it all happened in a few minutes witched seamed like seconds .
The biggest deer I ever seen was a non typical with more then 14 points . It was standing on the edge of the road staring at a doe . Of course I was in a car and it was dark , The head lights never bothered him .
My wife and I counted 14 points but I swear he had more, but do to it being dark I wasnt positive on how many .
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Old 07-28-2008, 09:17 PM
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Default RE: Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

the biggest i seen is the one in my avatar i was 12 (which was 8 years ago) my first buck 18 points 7x11 24 inside spread165 1/2 in cy curtis got drawed on an oklahoma youth contolled hunt everone told me there no deer on the place i was hunting . two years ago i monster typical walked out in front of my stand i was trying out a new bullet in my gun and it didn't do any damage to him never found the deer hes still running around though another hunter saw him a week later didn't get to see how many points though.
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Old 07-28-2008, 09:57 PM
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Default RE: Remember the biggest buck of your lifetime?

My biggest buck to date that I have seen was about four years ago when I wasbowhunting. It was early morning on Oct 28th and the bucks were starting to rut. I had seen about fourrespectible bucks just nothing I was looking for. It was getting to be around ten o'clock and I was ready to head in for some breakfeast.As I went to grab my stringI looked over the tree line into our hayfield. I was hunting a ridge with an awesomeview and about six hundred yards away Isee nothing but RACK and a BIG boddied deer walking checking scrapes. From that far and seeing a big rack I thought it was a new world record. I watched that deer for the next ten minutes before it walked into the woods. That was the first time I saw him.

I placed a stand in that general area were I last saw him thinking he was bedding at the base of our other ridge in the briars. I hunted hard the next three days and nothing. Seen other bucks but not him. So I went back to the other side of the farm and sat in one of the funnels for a morning hunt. Right away I hadaction,It was one of those mornings that everything was going right. Around nine o'clock it wasslow so I decided to hit the horns. After about a twenty second sequenceI looked to my right and the big boy was staring right at me. He must have been watching me the whole time I was hitting the horns because he was only fiftyyards away andI could see about another hundred yards behind him. It was just my luck, there was no way a deer was going to come out of that area, but sure enough the big buck does. I could see at least ten points with some kickersand a lot of junk. Tines that looked longer then rulers and a spread a couple inches past the ears. All I could do is look at him. Couldn't even reach for my bow or place the horns down, just stare. After what seemed for ever, he turned around and walked away to never be seen from my eyes again. That was four years ago and as far as I know nobody shot him. Probably got him by a car or something.
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