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12 or 20gu

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Default 12 or 20gu

Title says it all, should i get a 12 or 20gu 1187?
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Default RE: 12 or 20gu

i have an 1187 upland special in 20 and i absolutley love it! from pheasant to rabbits grouse woodcock ducks and geese. its perfect!
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Default RE: 12 or 20gu

if your talking a semi auto and your concerned about recoil it think the 12 is fine the semi auto seems to disipate the recoil better and the options on ammo are never ending. I would also never buy another gun that wasn't 2 3/4 3 and 3 1/2 again you can kill anything with it and the ammo choices are great.
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Default RE: 12 or 20gu

The title really doesn't say much. There are a bunch of variables, like what are you going to use it for, how far do you expect to shooting with it, how well do you handle recoil, how heavy of a gun do you want? And on and on.

Price wise they will be about the same, both the for the gun and the ammo, And availability will be about the same. The 12 and the 20 are by far the most common shotgun gauges. Probably a bit more selection in ammo for the 12 ga in my area though compared to the 20. The 20 ga will be lighter and have a bit less recoil depending on the loads used. However the 12 ga can carry a larger payload than the 20, or send a same sized payload farther and faster.

For small game like bunnies, pheasant and the such I would say the 20, it will more than enough and easier carry and use in the woods. Now for Duck, Geese, Turkey or deer with buckshot or a Foster slug I say get the 12 ga because it will give you an extra edge over the 20 ga in payload and ammo selection.

And for small game I would even suggest something lighter like a Franchi over the 1187. They have a bit more reciol, but you don't feel it in the field and the lighter weight gun is much nicer to use and carry.

For shooting sports a 20 is fine for skeet but for trap you might want a 12 instead, although my girlfriend did pretty well with a 20 ga 1100 on the trap range the first time I took her.

My opinions and nothing more.

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Default RE: 12 or 20gu

Since you posted this in the deer hunting forum, I am assuming that you are talking about deer hunting and I would go with the 12ga.
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Default RE: 12 or 20gu

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Title says it all, should i get a 12 or 20gu 1187?

For what kind of game ?
deer- 12 guage
bird hunting -12 guage, just because you will have more bb's flying and have better chance of hitting a moving target.
small game- rabbits and squirrells - 20 guage- less bb's less damage
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