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Deer Doodie

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Default Deer Doodie

Noticing all the deer crap on the ground everytime I go out, I wonder is there a way to tell whether its buck or doe? I found doe bedding areas and its all the little pebbles. Other places they are all clumped. Or is this due to what they eat or 1st thing in the morning? Could be a valuable scouting tool if there was a difference.
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

The larger piles, stuck together are from a buck...
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

My wife was right. I am just sitting online all day talking about crap.
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

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Default RE: Deer Doodie

I believe the piles stuck together is from a more consistant diet of succulant "green" browse.
Kind of like, when you eat a whole big bag of grapes and the next day your poop is much looser. Man I hate that!
If you think back to later fall, after a few frosts, apples and other "green" folliage dissappear and the droppings turn harder due to harder browse in the Deer's diet,
like acorns, twiggs, etc... as there is not much water in this type of food.

As for the size of the pebbles, I personally can't really say one way or the other???
However, I have recently read an article "claiming" that the bigger pebbles are supposidely mature Does,
but common-sense tells me that, the bigger the Deer, the bigger the poop!
For what it's worth??

Maybe you could set-up a camera to check?
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

Eat a peice,I heard if ittastes like chicken its a buck !
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

The word "doodie" can't be used in my house beyond the age of 6.

Having watched several herds of deer in several places browsing and milling around crapping at will, my opinion is that size of poop, stickyness of poop, quantity of poop, smell of poop and volume of poop are not determined by age or sex but by diet.
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

ORIGINAL: nchawkeye

The larger piles, stuck together are from a buck...
thats hog wash. ive tracked and killed almost all my deer accept a few w/ a bow and i have tracked deer for other ppl and double team tracked w/ my dad and fallowed him since i could walk tracking big bucks and ive seen big pellets small pellets clumped pellets loose pellets from all sorts of different size bucks and does and i can tell you there is no way to determine whether its a big old raunchy buck or a little skipper who left the pile o crap. its all based on diet. a urin spotin the snow how ever thereis a tell tale sign to p[rove if its a buck or a doe
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

ORIGINAL: RugerM77.270

My wife was right. I am just sitting online all day talking about crap.
Now that's just funny right there. I don't care who ya are
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Default RE: Deer Doodie

Taste like vanilla - doe, taste like chocolate - buck.......
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