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Kill or harvest?

Old 07-14-2008, 03:29 AM
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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

I shoot them, and I guess that the term i use most
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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

i use the phrase " i shot "
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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

ORIGINAL: vabyrd

Be a man, go in deep, get skunked when a monster catches your wind,come home empty-handed. Repeat.

roger that.....right on the money.

...hope you don't mind, but I might use these few words in the future.

Oh, and as far as the term"harvest" goes......never said it never will.They can keep itreserved for the politically correct so called "hunting info-mercial"movies and those who need to be told somthing soft and fuzzy to lighten the "blow" of a game animal's life being taken.

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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

Props for the good question. I generally use "harvest" when I am trying to convince an open minded, independent thinking person of why hunting is ethical, humane, responsible, and natural. I've I"m talking to a galvanized, Kool-Aid drinker I'll usually throw out 'kill' for shock value. [8D]

"Go to Pharoah, for I have hardened his heart..." ~Ex 10:1.
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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

Kill. Harvest is something you do to plants.
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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

I'm a killer, but I don't go around correcting people if they say caught or harvest.

If a close friend asks if I caught anything I'll tease them a little, but if I wasn't teasing them for that I would be for something else anyway.
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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

I 'shot' - means a kill.
I 'shot at' - means a miss.

These are the terms I use.

Also, my answers to the following:

Did you get a deer? Yes
Did you shoot one? Yes and I got him too.
Did you catch one? Yes, and I didn't throw him back because he's dead.
Did you harvest one? Yes, I killed him!
Did you stick one? Yes I did and right in the boiler room!
Did you blast one? Yes, and it was fun! DRT!

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Default RE: Kill or harvest?


I kill game. (farmers harvest and fishermen catch)

How about you? It puts me off when I hear about the deer harvest and creeps me out when I'm asked if I caught one yet. I havn't caught one yet but I've killed quite a few.

I agree. I think it is used by "professional" hunters on tv to help preserve our right tohunt and kill the animals that God gave us.Here is the definition,

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This

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// ]]>

Audio Help /ˈhɑrvɪst/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[hahr[/b]-vist] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation

Also, har·vest·ing. the gathering of crops.

the season when ripened crops are gathered.

a crop or yield of one growing season.

a supply of anything gathered at maturity and stored: a harvest of wheat.

the result or consequence of any act, process, or event: The journey yielded a harvest of wonderful memories. –verb (used with object)

to gather (a crop or the like); reap.

to gather the crop from: to harvest the fields.

to gain, win, acquire, or use (a prize, product, or result of any past act, process, plan, etc.).

to catch, take, or remove for use: Fishermen harvested hundreds of salmon from the river. –verb (used without object)

to gather a crop; reap.
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Default RE: Kill or harvest?

When im around the 'tree hugger/vegetarian type' i say i harvested an animal. Then anyother time i say i shot/killed
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Quick Reply: Kill or harvest?

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