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How many deer have you killed?

Old 06-06-2008, 12:34 PM
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

I have killed 7 deer in 6 years of hunting and have taken 3 bucks,1-10pt 1-8pt and 1-4pt,The 10pt dressed out at over 200lbs.I could kill alot more but choose not to.Here in Middle and west TN we are allowed 3 does per day!
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

Gun and Bow 106, bucks 42 Broke down 20 with a gun and 86 with bow!!! 33 years of hunting!!!! Michigan and Illinois.. Walt
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?


I have 2 with a bow (1 buck, 1 doe), in 2 years of hunting

And 2 with a gun (1 doe, 1 BB) in 6 years of hunting
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

This is a question I really don't care answer especially if I think people are keeping score. How many have I killed, or many could I have killed? Some people have better places to hunt than others, others have more deer in the area, others have more time to hunt, some people can legally kill more deer than others, you name it the list can go on and on.

I manage to kill a deer every season I hunt, I don't hunt every year. I usually kill one deer a year, be it with a bow or gun. I don't have a lot of opportunities to hunt or a lot of land I can hunt so my resources are pretty limited. I normally only hunt one stand, if I'm lucky I can get two up. And I will be honest I don't hunt as hard as most either. I have a pretty physical job that requires me to get up very early in the morning (3 am) and I have a family. So sometimes hunting is more hassle that it's worth to me. I will be honest and say I'm not as hardcore as some of you are when it comes to hunting. I do it because it is something I enjoy, when it starts to take so much effort that it's not enjoyable anymore or puts a strain on my home life I don't see the point behind it. I'm not doing it because I'm out to prove anything to anyone.

Let's just say I've killed a lot less deer than I could have if I really put my mind to it. But on the other hand I have never bought a tag that I didn't fill. All depends on how you want to measure success I guess.

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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

67......... 42 or 43 bucks. Gun & bow.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

I've killed 4 in almost 6 years of hunting. Like the rest of us, I COULD have killed alot more, but I either chose not to or I missed... I only missed once though! I've taken one spike, one 6 point that dressed to 132 pounds, and another old buck... a 211 pound 6 point. Either he was malnutritioned or his genes were bad. Not sure which. And i've taken one doe, all with my .270.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

1 deer total and it was a doe. i think this is mostly due to faulty equipment
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

As MoBuck said,, to me it is not the amount of deer i harvest at this point in my life. There are many factors that come into play for me, as I work in the hunting industry. I see more really good bucks in a yr than many folks see in a lifetime. If I can get one of my hunters on a good buck, and see the happiness on thier face, that is reward for me. i don't always fill the tags I buy each yr, cuz when I get a day off after working 6 or more in a row, sleep is generally more important to me. i do put plenty of meat in the freezer each yr, either from my own harvests, or from meat that the hunters don't want to take home. The only beef I buy is a slab of KC Strip that I cut into steaks. Roast and burger are deer that I cut and grind.

So as Paul said, if it is a hassle for me to have to get up to get to the stand or it interferes with other things I have to do, then I just don't hunt. Just being out there in the stand when i do get out, and seeing all the wildlifeis reward enough for me.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

between 275- and 300 but i live in AL and we have a bad doe problem, only about 60 of those are bucks, Im only 24 but i have slown down as i have gotten older. Tired of messing with the damn things.
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Default RE: How many deer have you killed?

I have only been hunting for 4 years. Unfortunately no bucks, but hopefully this year changes that.

Bow- 1

Rifle- 2

Muzzleloader- 1
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