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Uncle Ted

Old 03-25-2008, 12:51 PM
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Thats why we live in a free country. Hunting inmy mind is w/ the pursuer. You have your opinion and I have mine. I have never hunted in high fenced area, don't know if I will. But we as hunters need to ban together not squable amongst each other (thats what the antis want). We should be able to take deer behind fences, barns anywhere we want. Stick together we are all in this together no matter the personality.

Thats called killing..not hunting. Go ahead, bash away at me.
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uncle ted got #14 let 15 and 16 out , I could not look at my self in the mirror if i did that
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Oh well, I am not going to be sucked in to your arguments on the site. Can't we all just get along.
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To each its own, but if your going to shoot a farm raised deer on TV atleast edit out the tag Uncle Ted
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Ted owns his own ranch that he books hunts on, I work with a guy that hunts there. From the way he makes it sound you can shoot just about anything you want if you have the cash. He was telling me last time he want he shot a deer, someone else in his party shot ram and someone else shot a buffalo. I think he said he has taken elk there as well, might have been somewhere else though.

This is from Ted's website:

"Be a part of the Spirit of the Wild! In 1970, Ted Nugent began accumulating wild Michigan hunting ground. 27 years later the sportsman's dream is SUNRIZE ACRES! 340 acres of perfect big game habitat, rich with wildlife and the Spirit of the Wild. Managed for optimum health and indigenous bio-diversity, world class trophy whitetail deer, wild boar, American buffalo & exotics abound. Book an adventure on the Nugent Tribe's traditional HuntGrounds for the thrill of your life. Our rustic cabin is available and hunts are booked year round.

You must be a member in good standing of the NRA in order to hunt Sunrize Acres and the SpiritWild Ranch."

Wow! A whole 340 acres. That doesn't seem like very much land for that many animals. When the guy at work was talking about it I was thinking a 1,000 plus acres of land or something. We have corn feilds that big where I live in Michigan.

I'm pretty sure he as another ranch in Waco Texas as well, don't know how big it is though.

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One good solution is to just stop watching silly shows like that. My dad is always trying to get me to watch some deer hunting show and they are generally about as exciting as watching paint dry. Nothing like seeing some pro score an easy shot on some half-tame deer, then wax eloquently about all of the scents, lures, and equipment it took to lure in an animal that was probably about as wild as the typical Holstein.
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I would love for some of these "professional" hunters to go out onto public land in Northern Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine and try to find a deer, let alone shoot a "booner". All of their deer are bought and paid for before they even get on stand.
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The thing that i find crazy is the commericals. Some guide puts them in a stand where they know there are gonna be big bucks hanging out all day, but then after the guy makes his kill, he is doing an ad for some sort of camo or scent that he didn't even need to use.

Thats why i like some of these bass fishing shows where they turn these guys loose in a 10,000 acre lake and they have to depend on skill to catch something. Those shows get boring quick though if you realize that they are simply fishing in some small private, heavil stocked lake.
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i saw the beggining but i went to bed before it was over
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Default RE: Uncle Ted

I wish I would of seen that episode.. Thats crazy...

-Adam Bowman

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