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Ohio Poachers

Old 02-27-2008, 01:04 AM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

To tell you the truth I would have no problem with some one harvesting a deer out of season if it was on their own property and it was to feed their family but this was not the case for these individuals. The only way to stop poachers is to prosecute and then convict to the max. the law allows. If not then it sends a poor message to any one participating in this kind of activity.
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Old 03-19-2008, 02:42 PM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

If anyone (from the buckeye state) reads Ohio Outdoor News, they did multiple features on the guys that have been doing this poaching for many years.. A lot of very very very nice bucks slaughtered for just their head, out of season, and with spotlights.. what a shame...

-Adam Bowman
Southwest Ohio
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Old 03-19-2008, 03:22 PM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

that sucks

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Old 03-19-2008, 11:49 PM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

I hate hearing stuff like this. It makes it hard for honest hunters and people who will take a deer to feed the family. There has been some problems around here lately to with people shooting and killing or injuring deer, many from the road.
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Old 03-21-2008, 06:02 AM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

I thank you should get band from hunting for life.. This just makes it hard for every one els.
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Old 03-21-2008, 07:45 AM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

Some folks just make me ill!
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Old 03-21-2008, 08:26 AM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

wish they do something in Vinton and Jackson counties!!
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Old 03-21-2008, 09:12 AM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

ORIGINAL: salukipv1

what did they do? that was like trying to read a book? shooting from a vehicle?
1. Poaching deer out of season
2. Poaching deer from a car
3. Poaching deer with a rifle in a shotgun only state
4. Poaching deer without a tag
5. Poaching deer on private property they were not allowed to hunt on
6. Poaching deer by using a spotlight
7. Possessing more than a legal season's worth of venison
8. Illegally selling poached animal product
9. Poaching by taking more than the allowed 1 antelered deer per season.
10. Being a-holes in general

ORIGINAL: salukipv1
I think discretion needs to be used in any case, if a guy poaches a deer to feed his family, I certainly would hope the penalties would be less than the guys just sshooting animals an dleaving em dead in a field. or guys poaching record records etc...
I disagree, poaching is poaching. If you can afford a high powered rifle, means to process deer meat, and have mounts made as these guys did you can afford to buy meat.

Your suggestion would be along the lines of thinking that says murder by gun is worse than murder by knife or by vehicle. It's still the same crime and they deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Besides these guys were clearly in it for the trophies and to sell the meat.

ORIGINAL: salukipv1

Also if theyre already felons...cant own firearms etc....certainly a fine and taking away their hunting license for a year isn't the solution. I think we need the correct penalities, fines etc...accordingly.
They won't be allowed to hunt in Ohio for life... at least not get a license, but based on the precedent they set for themselves, I don't think that will do a hell of a lot. Kinda like taking away a guys license for 5 more years when he gets pulled over for DUI and driving on a suspended license; didn't stop him before you think now they'll have a sudden change of conscience once they get out of prison and all of the sudden decide to follow the laws?

I think that their houses should be confiscated as well since that is where they stored and processed the results of their activities. Additionally I think they should be fined the max amount, jailed the max amount of time and suffer the max possible consequences for their actions. the ODNR should set a standard.

I would love to see the judge get creative with their jailtime and break however many years they have to serve into 6 month stints from September through March each year, that way they can't even see deers with racks that aren't covered in velvet.
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Old 03-23-2008, 09:08 AM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

lock em up
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Old 03-29-2008, 11:54 PM
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Default RE: Ohio Poachers

as long as you use the meat it doesnt matter
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