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 new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are >

new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are

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new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are

Old 02-22-2008, 08:19 AM
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Default new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are

LG-large game
SG-small game

Riflemen-killed with a rifle (muzzleloader, crossbow, scoped or not)

Shotgunner-killed with a shotgun(muzzleloading shotgun, slug gun)

Pistolmen- killed with a pistol(scoped or not)

Bowmen- Killed with a bow(long, recurve, compound)

Level 1-killed with 2 of the above

Level 2-killed with 3 of the above

Master of arms- killed with all

what yall think a good scoreing system that you can be the best with out killing the biggest or the most for small game imlevel 2 and for large game im a shotgunner
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Old 02-22-2008, 12:08 PM
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Default RE: new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are

Well...I'd break down rifles and have a different section for side hammers and inlines and also break down bows for recurves and compounds...What about a crossbow???

I've killed deer with all of the above...Plus a flintock that I made and a Knight Disc...And both recurves and compounds...
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Old 02-22-2008, 12:16 PM
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Default RE: new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are

It seems pointless to me. What are you actually "scoring"?
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Old 02-22-2008, 01:48 PM
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Default RE: new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are

I'll post the same answer I gave in the bowunting thread about the same thing.

I too am trying to see a purpose behind it, other than a video game like Cagela's big game hunter or something. As far as real life it would be easier to just ask someone what weapons they have used to take game with.

The scoring system is a bit vague to say the least and not really truly representative of a true hunter or his/her skills.

Lets say you have someone that is passionate about deer and water fowl hunting. They spend much of their time practicing archery or on the skeet range. They live in a populated area were it is difficult to use centerfire rifles and have no interest in varmint hunting. They also have no desire to own a handgun, or possibly live in an area where they are very difficult to own. And they exclusively hunt deer during archery season.

I guess according to your scoring system birds would be small game, even though they require a special permit I think. According to your scoring system a person that is has shot many trophy class bucks during archery season and is quite lethal to the bird population doesn't even rank on your system because they have only shot one type of game with one weapon. Wow, that's a kick in the ball sack to that person isn't it.

Meanwhile you have some guy with a weapons fetish that owns all kinds of different weapons and has gotten lucky and managed to kill at least one animal with each and he is a "Master of Arms". Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. I'm just saying that is not a true representation of someones skill. There are many skilled hunters that simply choose not to hunt with a variety of weapons for whatever reason. Doesn't mean they are not proficient with them, they just don't hunt with them.

Like for instance I am pretty good with a pistol, I have just never owned one large enough to hunt large game with. Actually I have not owned one since I started deer hunting. I started deer hunting with a bow then moved to muzzle loader and shotgun and now I sold the slug gun and will exclusively use the muzzle loader again. And I can't use a centerfire where I live.

I also personally don't consider a crossbow a rifle. While it isn't as hard to learn to shoot as a bow it still requires more skill than a rifle and has very limited range just like a bow. I have used both and I would pick a bow over a crossbow any day of the week, they are just more accurate and stealthy for me. That is a topic for whole different thread though, which has been beaten to death in the past.

And just for SG's here is how I would rank.

Master of arms for small game
Level 2 for big game, never shot a deer with a pistol. I'm thinking about trying it though.

Don't take my opinions too personally though, they are nothing but my opinions. And you did ask.

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Quick Reply: new scoreing system tell me what you think and what level you are

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