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Fork Horn
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Default Entrance wound.

This year I shot a doe fawn, about 90 pounds, off hand, at 65 yards as it was angling away from me. I had aimed at the near side ribs which was the deer's left side. It did not go far. I did have to drive to get it because it was on the other side of the river (they call it a river so I do too) on the property we hunt on. The water was too deep to ford on foot this year.

When I found the deer I was puzzled because the left side of the deer had a 2 to 3 inch exit wound where I thought there should have been an entrance wound. I thought that I had mixed it up in my head until I was butchering the deer. The tru-ball slug had hit right where I was aiming, traveled forward through the chest breaking ribs on both sides and really broke up the far shoulder but did not exit. The layer of meat on the outside of the far shoulder did not have a hole in it and there was no far side hole in the hide. The slug must have then fallen back into the chest cavity and was lost upon field dressing.

This deer bled out so fast that it sprayed a path red across the snow over three feet wide and 25 yards long. The meat did not even bruise around the wounds or in the broken shoulder. I've never seen that before. Usually there is an area of blood shocked meat around the wounds.

What my boy thinks happened was because the shot was from an angle, the hide may have gotten bunched up by the slug before it penetrated. That is why the entrance wound in the hide was over 2 inches across. (the hole in the rib cage was somewhat smaller)

Have any of you had similar big entrance wounds on deer? This seems like an oddity to me and had me stumped for a while.


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Default RE: Entrance wound.

I think your boy is 100% correct. any projectile entering at an angle will make a wider hole.
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