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For All you 223 Fans

Old 01-31-2008, 01:17 PM
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

ORIGINAL: bigpapa

Well the whole idea is a mute point as far as I'm concerned. I don't own a .223 and even if I did I wouldn't go deer hunting with it. That's what I bought my .30-06 for. If I did get a .223 and if I were out hunting (cyotes, bobcats, or other such smaller game) with it and it happend to still be deer season (which I wouldn't be out hunting anything but deer during deer season anyways but I regress) I would do the following:
1. stay very still and make sure not to spook it.
2. Look at my watch and see what time it is.
3. Wait until it was safe to leave without spooking it
4. Go home and not tell a soul.
5. Come back the next day with my 30-06 about an hour before the time I saw it
6. Go home that night with a trophy buck and a big smile on my ethical face
Again thats if I bought a .223 and if I went hunging with it during deer season and if I decided that that was the thing to do and if I happened to be in the right place and if it were the right time. [&:]

Or...You could put the crosshairs on the base of his neck and watch him drop...

Then, you would know...
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

ORIGINAL: npaden

I shot a turkey this year at 43 yards with my 7mm Rem Mag with a 165grpower point bullet. Think I was over gunned?

(I took a neck shot and almost decapitated it)
No, but at 47 yards you would have needed to step up the 300 WM
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Old 02-01-2008, 01:15 PM
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

Isn't this the same question a bowhunter deals with on nearly a daily basis? Is maximizing your ability to kill everything that moves in your vision field the main objective?
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

Let's get rid of the range. That's throwing everyone off. Let's go to 40 yards. Still a 250lb buck who is quartering-to. It's thick cover and it's the only shot you're going to get.

Forget the bow hunting references. With a bow, you have to shoot broadside - rifle you don't. A 223's little bullet will blow up on the shoulder of that buck and not make the vitals. I promise you, with my 300 Wby and a 180gr Barnes X, it will make it through everything in its path and kiss a tree on the offside.

If you want to talk the bow hunting arguement, why are you out with a 223? Where's your bow?
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

Use a .223 for deer hunting???? WHY??? The M-16 .223/5.56 was not designed for long range shots or knock down power. The round itself, is designed for major internal damage. With it's high velocity, at low weight, when the round hits something hard, it bounces around inside the cavity. No pass thru. The thinking was to wound, so the enemy force would have to use more personnel from the unit to tend to the wounded. Psychological tool as well. The soldier could also carry more rounds into battle then ever before, w/o having to be resupplied. Being careful with shot placement, not to gut shoot, with a quick, clean, ethical kill being the goal, WHY would you even "consider" using this weapon on deer? Not a single military sniper would consider this round for a job.
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

Ridge Runner - Are you telling me that your 223 can hit a 250lb buck in the shoulder on a quartering-to shot, penetrate muscle and break bone, getthrough the heart/lung area and even penetrate thehind-quarters for an exit would and good blood trail?

It's like the guys who want the challenge of fighting a 150lb tarpon on 8lb test. They fight the fish for 4 hours until it's exhausted, take some pictures at boat-side and "realease" it belly up. As the hammerhead shark bites it in half, you can tell yourselfthat you had "enough line"
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

The 223 is the only gun I hunt with. From my experience it is plenty enough gun. I took a 280 lb deer with mine this year, he was broad side. I also shot a big whitetail doe that was quarting towards me at 200 yards the 55 gr v max bullet went through the front shoulder and put a hole in the ribcage i could fit my fist through. I also shot a big muley doe the year before last, at 200 yards, the 75 gr boattail hollow point went through both shoulder blades and ruined both front quarters.All the deer were dead within 5 yards ofwhere they were shot.That is why I will use nothing but a .223 for a rifle on deer until it becomes illegal.
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

Ridge...He doesn't understand, because he has never done it, nor ever seen it done...Those of us who grew up on a farm and hunting realize that sometimes you use the tool in your hand...Heck, some of us grew up when there wern't many deer and didn't have a "designated" deer rifle...

The same argument can be made with buckshot, within its range, its deadly, outside of that and you will be dissapointed...

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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

ORIGINAL: BarnesX.308

What if you are offered a shot at a 250lbbuck at about 100 yards. He's quartering towards you so you need to get through the shoulder to hit the vitals. Will a 50gr bullet from a 223 have enough power at 100 yards to penetrate the heavy muscle and plow through the shoulder bone of a 250lb buck? will it getthrough that, wreck thevitals and exit in the back far quadrant of said buck? Sure, 50 yard shots at broadside standing deer is easy. A tough angle at the buck of your dreams? Why chance it with barely enough gun? Why not be prepared for anything?
With a smaller caliber weapon you learn to wait for the right shot. He is not going to vanish in thin air, just wait for his next move.
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Default RE: For All you 223 Fans

Hey all if you haven'tDONE IT OR SEEN ITwith the .22 centerfires
then you shouldn't be commenting on them because you don't know what
they are capable of doing.
I have been using the .22 centerfires for 20 years and never had one go
more than about 15 yards from point of impact.About 8 members ina club
I was in (were 270 and 30-06 fans) til they saw thedamageI was doing with
the .22's now they shoot .22's. lol
here are some pics of one I took with my hornet broad side at 165 yards
first pic entrance second exitjacket from the bullet was just under the
skin on exit side.
hand loads 12.4 grains (296 win) 45 grain hornet (hornady) bullet 3000 fps
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