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milesrhit10 12-02-2007 09:05 PM

Rifles in IN
This is the first year that rifles other than shotguns were allowed to hunt with during firearms season. The only calibers allowed are those over .357. What are your thoughts on this? What caliber is the best choice? .357, .44, .40, .45 SW500? Thanks guys

snowball450 12-02-2007 09:11 PM

RE: Rifles in IN
smith and wession 500

milesrhit10 12-02-2007 09:21 PM

RE: Rifles in IN

snowball450 12-02-2007 09:41 PM

RE: Rifles in IN



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yeah its a Handi Rifle. It shoots really well for a budget priced rifle. I have gotten fist sized groups out to 150yds with it. The recoil is very manageable. It has less felt recoil then a single shot 20 gauge.

snowball450 12-02-2007 09:45 PM

RE: Rifles in IN
rhino has a 500 s&w and thats what he posted on one of his post.if he's group'in at 150 yards,you bet thats what you need to it packs a very powerfull punch from what i saw on tv.

jorswift 12-03-2007 07:27 AM

RE: Rifles in IN
I to live in IN and would like to know. As I might switch over to a rifle. My 870 express isnt a distance gun.

Paul L Mohr 12-03-2007 07:58 AM

RE: Rifles in IN
You can use a rifle, but it has to shoot a straight walled pistol cartridge.

Probably the easiest gun and ammo to find that will work well would be the 44 mag in a lever action.

Ballistically the 500 S&W would be better, I just don't know how hard it would be to find a rifle and ammo and what the cost would be.

If they allowed these in MI I would probably get a 44 mag myself. Just keep in mind they don't offer a huge advantage over a good shooting shotgun with modern slugs or an inline muzzle loader. You will probably still be limited to around 100 yards.

My opinion anyway.


kevin1 12-03-2007 08:10 AM

RE: Rifles in IN
Any of the above named calibers is more than adequate when properly placed. A .50 caliber muzzleloader sabot is really just a .45 slug with a plastic jacket, and it'll knock a deer right down.

zmschillin 12-03-2007 11:11 AM

RE: Rifles in IN
I too am an indiana hunter. This summer I am planning on getting a Henry Big Boy .44 mag to go along with the Dan Wesson .44 mag pistol i got a few weeks ago.

36fan 12-03-2007 12:51 PM

RE: Rifles in IN
The .44 Magnum would probably be the best choice based on price (for gun and ammo), availbilty of ammo, and balistics. I purchased a Marlin 1894 in .357 last year prior to the rule change. I took it out a couple of times this year when I hunted an area that I thought it would be better choice than my scoped muzzleloder - but I never got the oppurtunity to use it on a deer.

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