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tree stand question (Pics)

Old 12-02-2007, 02:52 AM
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

i know this stand well, connect it just like you have it, on the bottom platform the nylon strap is to lock your feet under. the top is to sit yout but on the bar and lift your feet , dig the bottom into the tree, then stand up lifting the sit as you stand it is like a tee-ter -totter motion. alls this is done facing the tree, just make sure that when you are to the desired level that the booton platform is level. i have a 5ft piece of rope connecting the top and the bottom together while climbing that way if the straps slip off your feet the platform wont slid to the bottom of the tree and use a harness while you are climbing also, it is a comfortable stand for a good period of time but a bit heavy to carry around i keep mine in a well house in the middle of our property....good luck with it and be safe, anymore questions just ask
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

ORIGINAL: millerhunter13

ok thanks alot i was hoping someone would give me an idea, out of curiosity is this what people did before they were made the strap idea?
Long before they devised straps I had a duffel bag modified and dhad straps sewed on it at a place that makes sporting goods for pro ball teams. You could probablt take an old tree stand safety harnes strap system and make a set of carrying straps. Most of those stands are designed for the climber to nestle in to the stand and then just bungee them together. That stand may be a strongbuilt or a API baby grand or one of their other models.



Have you practiced with it climbing? You should before you go into the woods. It will help you do it more quietly and you will struggle/sweat less!
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

ORIGINAL: millerhunter13

here is a link, i think it looks like the commanche it is towards the bottom

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Strong Built Commanche

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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

Look again, it doesn't look like the Commanche.
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

ok i guess it dosnt look like it, but that was the closest one i could find that is looked like, yes i have practice i am pretty good with it, ok to strap it together i slide them together and secure with bungee cords, and how will i get the straps to stay on the platform? One last question i forgot about those black wire thingys in the back i noticed when i took them out there really metal with a rubber plastic casing can those things where out if so does anyone know where i can get them?
thanks for all the help guys.
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

i have the same stand and i could be wrong but this stand isnt even made anymore hasnt been for about 5 yrs now, i believe it is an amecker deer thief treestand i used one for about 10 yrs and it looks identicle to your pic, but i could be wrong
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

You might have a really hard time finding a manual for it. I just did a look around for one and found nothing...so for the heck of it I looked up manuals for tree stands I own and I had a hard time, And I know the brands and models of mine.

one a side note.
if you want backpack straps. you can buy them from cabela's for 17$
http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/product/standard-item.jsp?_DARGS=/cabelas/en/common/catalog/item-link.jsp_A&_DAV=MainCatcat20712-cat20057&id=0004924414644a&navCount=2& podId=0004924&parentId=cat20057&masterpath id=&navAction=push&catalogCode=XH&rid= &parentType=index&indexId=cat20057&has JS=true
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

Fit the narrower of the two into the wider section and secure them together with some cord, if you make the cord the right length(3" or slightly less) you can reuse it to tie them together later to keep the bottom half from dropping down the tree if it slips. Most tree stand mfrs sell backpack straps that clip on to the stand in some way, they aren't expensive. Get padded ones, trust me. In a pinch you could buy two padded rifle slings and use them as pack straps.
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

My climber didn't come with straps. I bought some, similar to yakuza's, from Basspro. The top portion of my stand kinda slips over the bottom portion and I tie them together tightly with my gear rope (rope I use to pull my gun/junk up once I'm in the tree). Just tie one end to the top part, set them together tightly, and loop it around. Tie the rope to itself and you're golden. Good luck.
-- B
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Default RE: tree stand question (Pics)

I have one that is similar. I love it...I lay the foot piece on the ground with a strap under it. The seat piece lays right on top of that..It prety much just tucks into it.The single strap just holds the two together.....I can also strap my warm gear to it under that strap. It comes with back pack straps. You could probably buy those at any army surplus.
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Quick Reply: tree stand question (Pics)

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