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Sould This Buck Be Culled?

Old 11-19-2007, 09:31 AM
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

He looks young to me. I say let him grow, if you can, and see what he becomes. Who's to say he didn't get an injury while in velvet?
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

He could have injured that side of his rack early in velvet. If this is the case, it should grow back normal next year.
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

No way that deer is 3.5 with antlers that small.
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Old 11-19-2007, 11:39 AM
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

If your going to cull him you might as well shoot all bucks. that buck is obviously very young, look at his face.
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

His frame has the right shape and this his first set of horns and I bet he'll be normal looking next year and be a big boy in about 3 years so I'd say let him go. WCL
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

Yeah, your right, it was in NAW magazine a while back. Very interesting article. I'd let him grow.
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

ORIGINAL: Jack_Bauer

I'm looking to produce good sized racks no so much about meat.
Put out Purina 20% free choice protein to produce those racks.

best of luck

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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

if over all management is what you're looking for, then yes...take him out. if he is 2-3 and only a 5 point, he in my opinion does not have the genes you are looking for in your herd. i only hunt public land here in Florida and this year i harvested a 1.5 year old 6 point that weighed 132 pounds. he definately had potential for our area but the only QDM this particular WMA had in place was each buck harvested must have atleast 3 points on one antlerwith each point being1 inch in length.
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?

He looks pretty young.
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Default RE: Sould This Buck Be Culled?


There was a very good article I read a while back about deer genetics, might have been by Kroll, but in any case, in a long term study with quite a large number of deer involved, they found thatby age 5-6 years the spike and forked 1.5 year-old bucks produced just as good racks as the basket eight pointers. Now, it's hard to say whether or not your buck in question has a malformation on that side, or if is just weak for this year due to development. I'd let him have another year before making a decision as he may very well even out on that side.
I agree Wait another year. There's too many documented cases of cull bucks that were left to walk and turned in to B&C class animals. If you shoot him he'll never get bigger, It might be a trait from a car accident or something and may grow normal next year or turn in to some awesome nontypical in years to come. Also just because he has an isue with his antlers doesnt mean his offspring will. I have read that antler traits are just as likely to come from the doe as they are from the buck sire anyway. How are you going to cull the bad does that are producing inferior antlers?
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