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Default Do it yourself Deer Stand??

I'm alittle short on money this season and am looking to build my own deer stand. I've got acouple ideas but am lookin for others. Any of you guys got any ideas about a good do it yourself deerstand?
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Default RE: Do it yourself Deer Stand??

If your looking for a tree stand, i would just say go to D I C K s sporting goods and buy one there for $50 if there still on sale. There nice and sturdy, we bought 4 of them. The supplies would most likely more than that plus its safe. just my 2 cents
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Default RE: Do it yourself Deer Stand??

i build all my own stands and never had a problem. just take two or three 2 by 4s and nail thwn on both sides of a split tree...once you do that just fill in the gaps with a wider board... i use long nails or short2 by 4s for steps.
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Default RE: Do it yourself Deer Stand??

YEah I have to say it's just best to go buy one unless you have left over/surplus material around to build one out of.

I'm talking ladder stands.

I have build ALOT of ladders. They are all over the property. I have put them out on other properties and forgot about probobly 3 or 4 of them. All very well engineered, machined, fully welded and custom camo-painted.

But with the deals out there now I do say BUY ONE.

I wanted to smack one out on a piece of property I only bow hunt right close to here. I have a big wooden ladder and deck built out there but I needed to supplement quickly.

A quick stop at Bass Pro got me a 15' Remington "870" ladder stand for like $75. And here's a great kicker. Most all of your stands now come with a full body harness & attachment tether. A harness sets ya back $50 anyway and the included ratchet strap to hold it to the tree is another $10-$15.

So if ya want to math it you can say the stand was only $10-$15 to justify it! And I've seen sales ALOT cheaper at places likeRural King, Farm-n-Fleetand Big R.

If ya could find one at $50 like Kansas said, you could math it to be a free stand - ya just paid for the harness and straps!
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Default RE: Do it yourself Deer Stand??

I have built two or three stands up in a tree and they are very durable and safe. I got all the material for free...yes free. Get the wood and stuff like that from a local contractor who builds houses. You will be amazed at what they will throw away! I have put a plywood floor in my attic, I have twice the amount of wood to build a new workbench, and I have built a few tree stands with all the free material that I get.

Take some 2x4's or 2x6's and nail them to a tree where the tree has split (grows in different directions). Then I just take a strong durable pallet and put it ontop of my 2x4 platform and nail the pallet to the 2x4's. When I got it all done, get up there and give it a good "test". The ones that I have built are rock solid and I can get up there and jump on them and they don't even budge. Then I get some green/black/brown paint and camo it out. Right before the begining of the season, I go out and replace the pallet and inspect the 2x4's. I have one stand that is up that has the same 2x4's for at least five years and are still in great shape. Just paint or seal the wood to make it last longer.

However, this is work and it would be easier to buy a fifty dollar stand.
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