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Alabama Slama 10-01-2007 05:13 PM

Whats going on in Missouri.
For all you Missouri hunters have you had problems seeing deer. I know Ive only seen 4 deer and I know there is a ton out there. The acorn crop is bad this year and we have fields and fields of clover. Anyone else having problems

MO-KS_hunter 10-01-2007 07:14 PM

RE: Whats going on in Missouri.

ORIGINAL: Alabama Slama

The acorn crop is bad this year and we have fields and fields of clover. Anyone else having problems
What do you mean by "bad", as in low quantity or too much which makes it hard to pattern deer. Also, fields and fields of clover actually sound like a good thing. I would try and set ur stand up on main trails between bedding areas and these fields of clover you see. Also, since we are having kind of a warm fall so far (it'll be in the upper 80's in Missouri on Wednesday), I would look for water sources to set up by as well. Don't forget to look for wild persimmon or apple groves as well. If you don't have any luck soon, don't worry, in about a month the rut will be on and the bucks will be targeting does anyway ;)

Angus74 10-01-2007 07:23 PM

RE: Whats going on in Missouri.
Yeah, the white oak acorns are nonexistent around my area, but Im finding a few red oak acorns here and there, and the deer seem to be hitting them a little now that theyre falling. I think Id be excited to have lots of fields of clover, even though they are hitting the fields less than a couple weeks ago. Our main problem is its so dry, the food plots arent coming up hardly at all, and whats there is already dying from no water for weeks. The weather keeps calling for rain, but non falls on our farms, even though lots of people all around 25 miles away are gettin g some.. it will come sooner or later, I just hope its not too late. I havent hunted very hard, mostly because of the heat, but I have seen a few bucks when Ive been out,, no shots yet though. Good luck.

big rockpile 10-01-2007 08:34 PM

RE: Whats going on in Missouri.
I seen 9 Deer this evening,had a Doe about 10 yards from me.Too bad I was Turkey hunting.

big rockpile

N2Design 10-02-2007 07:47 AM

RE: Whats going on in Missouri.
I'm watching 2 bucks every evening - browsing clover near a pond. We have a few black oaks with acorns but that's it. That late freeze did 'em in.

ShatoDavis 10-02-2007 07:52 AM

RE: Whats going on in Missouri.
Late freeze killed the white oak crop. Red oaks have acorns because they produce from last years flowers.

Its been hot. I haven't been hunting yet, but give us some cooler weather and overcast days and you will see plenty of deer. The deer are very nocturnal right now. Last week was the full moon etc. etc. etc. A couple more weeks and thing will get good.

louddrummer69 10-02-2007 09:34 AM

RE: Whats going on in Missouri.
IMO, I try not to hunt my area until end of October and beginning of November. I have had the best luck just staying out of my area until they start the seeking-chasing phase. That's just my opinion. Its hard for me not to get out there but not educating the deer of my presence seems to help out alot. I hunt hard those three weeks before rifle season.

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