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jedge1979 08-18-2007 12:29 AM

Locating deer
Ok I need some advice. I just joined a hunting club and they have alot of green fields, hardwoods, and pines. They haven't planted the food plots yet. I think it is a good area but since there is will be so much food available it is going to be hard to pinpoint where they will be the most. I just purchased a trail cam and some secret spot food plot. Anyone got any idea where I should try to set them out. I also bought some corn to make a corn pile. I am really new to this whole deer hunting thing so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I hope that I can get me little plot up first and maybe pull the deer to that spot first. Let me know what you think.

WvShapeshifter 08-18-2007 02:43 AM

RE: Locating deer
One of the best places to be set up on deer in the early season on unmanaged land in my opp. would have to be on a natural food as in acorns, particurlaly White oaks. Do alot of off season scouting getting to know the area and all it's hidden treasures. Use the land and it's features to bring deer in. A low gap on a ridge line is a prime crossing spot. Combine some good White Oaks a natural funnel and settle in for an exciteing day in the stand. Good Luck!

BowKnutt 08-18-2007 06:39 AM

RE: Locating deer
Aerial & topo maps do your scouting that way first then you want spend as much leg work and you want disturb the natural deer movement as much!!
Look for funnels(places where timber,creeks natural stuff chokes down between open areas)--Also look for the thickest places most likely bedding areas---IMO areas to huntclost to but not to hunt in!!

Good Luck!!

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