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ButchA 08-11-2007 02:29 PM

Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show
Hey there...

Well, I did my part again to promote HNI at the annual Virginia Outdoor Sportsman's Show.

I go every year and wear a T-shirt and ballcap. I also go up and talk to the various "stars" that they have at the show, and ask them to autograph my HNI ballcap.

This year, I met Stan Potts and Greg Miller. Both are really great guys and a pleasure to meet. Stan Potts is a nut when you really get to talk to him. He knows all about HNI and said that his wife helps write articles for this site too. Greg Miller was really cool to talk to, but we didn't have much time to talk, as there were like 900,000 other people bombarding both him and Stan Potts with questions and whatnot.

Anyway, it's really so much fun to go to those shows and meet the TV hunters and talk to them. Theyare probably members of HNI too, but are very quiet and don't have a profile or signature or anything (for obvious reasons).

I didn't pick up anything or buy anything (I have enough stuff as it is), but I did enter a few raffles - hey, you never know... maybe I'll get lucky and win a hunt somewhere! ;)

Anyone else meet TV hunters and personalities at these type of shows?

Butch A.

SwampCollie 08-12-2007 06:19 PM

RE: Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show

I had to work all weekend and didn't get to make the show, but I understand they had some record book deer killed this year?

Always big ones... but apparently this year had a couple of new #1s?

NEW61375 08-13-2007 06:16 AM

RE: Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show
I went on Sunday and had a good time. I kept going by those two foodbooths thatwere giving out salsa and chili and stuff. Mywifes uncle had a buck that took second in the Regular Gun / Non-Typical Division. I really enjoyed talking to Greg Miller and surprisingly it was a little slow over there so I got to shoot the breeze with him fora while, really cool guy.

Right up the road at Greentops Sporting Goods store they had a make shift 3D shoot at 10 targets (5 shots standing and 5 shots from a blind seated). I shot like crap but it wasstill fun. Those guys gave away some great door prizes (some bow sights, Block targets, hats, dvd's, coffee mugs,etc.) andit was a good time. I wish I lived closer.

Mybest friend (Jimmy Hardy / up in Richmond and was helpinga neighbor with his booth (Trophy Bowhunts of Illinois / Vic Eltora).Hisfriend Vic Eltora and Vics' partner (Troy) run a guideservice out of Illinois and they kill some beasts out there. Vicwas agood guy and I am thinking of booking a semi guided,(free range) whitetail bowhunt for 2008 with my buddy Jimmy. I need to crunch the numbers and scheduling but hopefully I can work it out.

I got a couple of pics from the show I'll post later

rrviper40 08-13-2007 09:59 AM

RE: Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show
i had to work sat and sunday so i went friday afternoon.i thinksome of the vendors had not arrived and set up yet, and i only got to see some of the first entries for this year's deer contest... but i did get to meet old stan potts also.i have laughed at him on tvfor years. he gets fired up over some big whitetails!!

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