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deer feed pellets

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Default deer feed pellets

has anybody tried feeding there deer deerpellets and how much doesitcost
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Default RE: deer feed pellets

try feeding them sweet feed, it works.
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Default RE: deer feed pellets

I started mixing pellets in with corn in a gravity feeder in late winter a few years back and after a few monthsjust straight pellets.The deer which had previously not ever seemed to eatanything else but corn kept eating the pellets.They will empty a feeder of pellets now any time of the year. According to top biologists,high protein and mineralpellets are the best helpto growhealthy, quality deer. I have definately seen a major increase in antler growth as the area that I hunt has scarce quality natural browse. The pellets are about twice the price of corn but it is well worth it as long as it is in some sort of feeder that does not waste it.
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Default RE: deer feed pellets


Once you get them eating it they love it. I mixed it half and half to start with with corn. Down here in Fla it cost about 7.50 a bag but from march to august it is great for them. It really helped body weights and antler growth from what we can tell.
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Default RE: deer feed pellets

I put out some of the Deer Pellets and they didn't like it very much...then I sprayed some C'mere Deer on the pellets and they seemed to like it a lot more.....that or the racoons enjoyed it?

I'll be checking my trail camera to see whats been eating on the pellets and hopefully have a few pic's to post!
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Default RE: deer feed pellets

We get our from the local mill near where we hunt... might want to check one close to you.
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Default RE: deer feed pellets

ORIGINAL: bryant1

try feeding them sweet feed, it works.
I tried it, in my area the deer never touched it. Corn always seems to work the best.
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Default RE: deer feed pellets

I have a backyard feeder. I have tried a couple brands on deer feed and even soy beans. The deer just won't eat them and they end up rotting under the feeder. they love the corn although it doesn't have the nutrition. I've mixed the others with corn, they still won't eat it.

The feed is more expensive than corn but I can't see spending the extra if they won't eat it.

I'd really like to give them more nutrition though.

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Default RE: deer feed pellets

If you will try a covered trough, starting with corn and then gradually adding the feed to it the deer will start eating the feed. The problem is most likely that the pellets on the ground obtain moisture and starts to mold and rot. More good feed on top of it isn't going to be consumed, leading to more bad food. Even the moisture proof feed that I think Purina makes will rot.
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Default RE: deer feed pellets

My MOM and DAD feed just for watching the deer, We started puting antler king mixed with corn in a covered troth feeder. Boy the does sure do love it, but the bucks I have cam pics of some of them going it but they seem to like the clover I have planted there better.. Walt
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Quick Reply: deer feed pellets

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