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HEAD0001 07-26-2007 11:44 PM

I am not sure what it is but I have been seeing some good buck's this year. I have been doing alot of ground hog hunting this year. I have spotted a bunch of 8 pointer's. And three bigger buck's. One 9 point andtwo 10 points. I live in Monongalia county. I can say that I have noticed a slow decline of hunter's over the past 15 year's. And hunter's in our area are also letting the little one's go. It looks like it is paying off this year. I watched eight buck's the other evening in a small clover field. There was 5-8 pts. 1-10pt. 1-6 pt. and 1-4 pt. that had his right side broken off. The 10 point was right at or just over 18 inches on the inside spread. AndI have permission todeer hunt this farm. The farmer only allows one other person to hunt there, and that is his cousinfrom Indianawho only hunts once or twice a year. It could be a good year. Tom.

Christine B 07-27-2007 12:15 AM


Not sure what it is this year?? It may be that many are letting the little ones walk so they can get bigger....but here in Roane county my neighbors and I are seeing alot of 8's, 10's and several 12-14s those big guys have been seen somewhere between Charleston and exit 19 on I-79.;) size confirmed by glassing them. My son's eyes and interest in hunting help alot too with seeing those big ones. :)

Personally I will be pleased to get an 8 or 10 off of my acreage. Although not a betting woman....LOL My guess is the big ones will go strictly nocturnal after the bach groups break up and the does start to go in. Maybe I will get luck and one will be really "love struck" as my son puts it....hee, hee. Yeah, right.....:eek:

DannyD 07-27-2007 09:45 AM

Hi Tom,
I travel a little between Parkersburg, Charleston and Huntington. I have actually seen several very nice bucks along the way in fields when I generally see very little in the way of bucks at all.

The land i had permission to hunt in Mason county was sold. I'm back on trying public again but I'm really looking forward to the season based on the number of deer and buck i'm seeing this year

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