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sffguitar 07-23-2007 03:48 PM

do deer stay in the same place
Hey I was wondering how far out a deer will go, meaning If i say a deer in one area typically how far out will they travel from that area. do they stick around in the same spot, or do they travel all over the place.

jf5 07-23-2007 04:00 PM

RE: do deer stay in the same place
Depends on allot of factors. In general: Most deer (per books) have a specific territory are rarely leave it. But deer will travel far if chased by dogs or some other extreme pressure. Rutting bucks can put on miles too if there is not allot of doe in his area.

Usually if spooked by a hunter and they havn't been pressured too bad, the deer will only run a few hundred yards, thenstop and watch/listen.

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