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Scent lok?

Old 06-07-2007, 06:14 AM
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Default Scent lok?

Hi all,
I would like to know if the scent lok clothes are necessary for deer hunting. Where I'm hunting, Its pretty rare that the wind is regular from the West.
These pieces of clothes a pretty expensive, so i don't wan't to buy it if i don't need it!

I'm washing my clothes with scent killer soap, and washing my body with the "Hunter Specialitie" soap (the green liquid soap).After that, on the field, I bring a cover scent and doe odors.... I think it's enought, but like i've written before, the wind isn't constant (he can be 5 min from West, after coming from North...). So it's pretty difficult to always hunt wind a good wind.

I've looked for these pieces..

http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/pod/horizontal-pod.jsp?id=0026489&navCount=6&parentId=cat 600824&masterpathid=&navAction=push&cm Cat=MainCatcat470076-cat600824&parentType=index&indexId=cat6008 24&rid=

I'm pretty young, and looking for jobs, so i can't pay for something too expensive.



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Default RE: Scent lok?

Personally I have never worn or purchased any of it and have been very successful in the field. Just remember the wind is your enemy. If you practice good scent control youll do just fine, A good pair of rubber boots help tremedously as well. I found this out last year when I finally purchased my first pair. Most of us here will agree its nocessary to use any as long as you practice good scent control, wear your rubber boots, and play the wind right and sit in a good location. Heres what I got last year when doing everythign just right, the hunt lasted 30-45 minutes. Of course the buck growl played a big part as well as good scent control and playing the wind.

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Default RE: Scent lok?

In my opinion don't spend the money on scent lok or other such clothing, just practice good scent control/managment, play the wind and you will be fine. Save your money for something else hunting related.
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Default RE: Scent lok?

I agree with with both statements.
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Default RE: Scent lok?

There have been tons of debates on wether or not Scent Lok or similar clothing works on this forum. Many if not most believe that it is a waste of money. I happen to be one of them. However, there is no question as to the importance of scent reduction. I would suggest you go through some of the older forums and read about the research that has been done and how uneffective the scent lok clothing is, especially for the money you have pay.
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Default RE: Scent lok?

I read a study on this site by a Dr. that said that the real deal was that scent lock and the kind don't work. I'm sure if you do a search yu will find it. Every thing he said made perfect scence to me and I will never waste my money on this stuff again.
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Default RE: Scent lok?

To me it is all about the regeneration issue. I read all I could on this. There is no way scientifically that you can regenerate scent-lok clothes. They would have to heated to levels high enought to incinerate the fabric to do so. So while it may work for a short while, how long will it take for all the carbon to be "bonded-up" with odor molecules. Probably not long.

As the first reply indicated, I wear rubber boots, usually follow good scent control, and wear silver ion underlayer (that is proven to reduce odor molecules). You can give that stuff the smell test. People have worn them camping for a week and you don't get nearly as much sweat odor.
I even have a silver ion insert in my work shoes and they work.
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Default RE: Scent lok?

Even if scent lok and other similiar clothing did have the ability (theoretically)to initial work/capture odors, say for a couple times out hunting, how much odor do you think it would accumulate just hanging exposedon a rack in a big box store like cabelas even before someone bought it?
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Default RE: Scent lok?

I'm not going to bash Scent Lok, but I'm not going to spend money on it either. Regardless, as I think someone else said, you do need to pay attention to scent control, hunting height, and wind direction.

For me, I use scent killing spray, off the shelf of the grocery store scent free soap, shampoo, deoderant, and detergent. I use Medalist long underwear and xscent socks with the silvermax technology as well as other clothes under my camoflage that are anti-microbial (running clothes). I wear rubber boots when I can get away with it (when the snakes aren't out).

I bought some fleece clothing on clearance after Christmas last year that has the "no scent" anti-bacterial/microbial technology, but that's not the reason I bought it.

Sorry for being so long, but the short of it is, you can do different levels of scent control without bankrupting yourself.
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Default RE: Scent lok?

I own Scent Loc and most of my stands are set up for a West or North wind. Last year opening day of bow the wind was out of the south. I had a 9 point buck standing out North of me about 20 yards for 25 minutes and never glanced my way.I have not been winded (that I know of) since I started wearing the scent loc.In my opion it works and I consider it one of the best purchases I have made for bowhunting.
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