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Default Legal?

if you see a dead buck on the side of the road can you cut of the antlers and leave?
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Default RE: Legal?

It all depends where you live. I dont believe its legal in PA, but the laws change from state to state...
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Default RE: Legal?

I actually do not know, but would guess it would be illegal, sort of like seeing a guy in a wrecked car on the side of the road and jacking his wallet.
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Default RE: Legal?

It's legal to take the rack in Pa.,but it has to be reported and the PGC charges $10/point.Obviously,not too many report cutting off a rack
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Default RE: Legal?

Does anyone know about Texas? I dont see it as a violation.

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Default RE: Legal?


Does anyone know about Texas? I dont see it as a violation.

Make a call to your Game Wardens Office?
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Default RE: Legal?

shoot just cut them off any ways ,,,just dont let the game warden find out
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Default RE: Legal?

I've been wondering about this since I removed a road kill doe and put it in front of one of my trail cameras last week. I'm afraid that it might be a violation since it is out of season.

These citations look like they could apply.

2018White-tailed Deer: hunt or possess in a closed season (PWC) 61.021/62.010 (PWP) 65.9/65.42

2019White-tailed Deer: hunt or possess taken on a public road or closed riverbeds (PWC) 61.021/62.010 (PWP) 65.9

I looked up the highlighted code sections and didn't see a smoking gun, but the big kicker is "or possess". For the 1/2 mile that road kill doe was in the back of my pickup I think I might have been subject to a citation. I think this is an area where the enforcement could be a gray area. The deer I moved was at least a day old and was starting to stink so it for sure wasn't going to be useful for something else.

FWIW, Nathan
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Default RE: Legal?

check your state laws and regulations
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Default RE: Legal?

I "think" in Illinois you can call the local DNR office and they will issue a permit for the road kill to take. The driver of the vehicle that hit the deer has first choice if they want the deer or not. Then the deer is yours to do with what you want. But if I found a nice one out in the country that been killed by a car he's probably going to loose his head gear.
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Quick Reply: Legal?

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