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Rubs and Scrapes

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Default Rubs and Scrapes

Hello everyone, the newbie with another question! What is a rub and a scrape and what is the significance of each? Any help would be greatly appreciated?
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

hi and welcome to the addicting world of bowhunting.
1Rub- a rub is a place that a deer has rubed his antlers on a tree. Bucks rub for many reasons, they however do not rub very seriously to remove velvet. ( i figure id get that rumor out the way).One aspect of rubs is the intimidation factor. When evera buck gets the chance, they rub to overly intimidate other bucks. Much to the effect of guys strutting there stuf in a weight room. It establishes pecking orders. It says im here and im huge so dont mess. Rubsarnt made to define the boundries of a bucks home area,howeverthey hold scent and visual communication between bucks. when bucks rub, they leave behind odors from the saliva, and forhead and preorbital gland( agland on the bucks head-that why u shouldnt touch the rub) Rubs can also be made along a bucks prefered trail to his feeding area and then another one back to his bedding area. It is safe to say that a rub made facinga feeding area was made by a buck in the morning when he was returing and then a rub faceing away from a feeding area was made in the afternoon while he was coming toward the area.
2. Scrapes- are areas of ground that a buck paws out and deposits scent in. there are a few typesof scrapes-primary(which are usally in cover and very large) and other scrapes. Scrapes are a calling card for bucks asking for a date. Im not that Knowledgeable in scrapes so i wont fill ur head with stuf that i think are true

well theres my 2 cents hope they helped you a little im not by anymeans an expert but i have found out some stuff threw 100s of hours in the woods GOOD LUCK
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

Very well answered BigBuck. I will add that, though scrapes and rubs are important to locating deer and the areas they frequent, you don't want to focus hunting them too heavily. Many times during early season scrapes and rubs are freshened up during the evening/night/early morning hours when they feel safe to move in the dark. Once the rut kicks in, you can probably hunt rubs and scrapes more heavily however, since deer are moving at all times of the day.

I stick to using rubs and scrapes for locating deer on a specific part of a property. Once you can find a general area that they hang out in, you can pattern them quite easily. A few trail cams and some scouting, and you'll be set for hunting season!
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

thanks burbaust, and ud never know im just 20 LOL
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

Thank you both very much for taking the time to answer that for me! Greatly appreciate it!!
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

Great informatiove posts. I also look to see if there is multiple rubs and scrabes in a patterened area. Finding a scrape line is like finding gold. If you can find a line of 4,5,or even 6 scrapes in a line then it becomes easier to pattern the buck. He'll be very territorial and work well being called in. Has worked many times for me.
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

YOU NEED TO GET THE BOOK-Hunting Trophy Whitetails in the Real World by Don HIggins!!! it had bascally changed the way i hunt!!!!!!!
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

Rubs are a sign for bucks to advertise themselves in the area visually and communicate his social ranking to other bucks and does in the area. Their forehead glands allows the buck to spread his own individual scent on the rub.

When a buck makes a scrape on a sturdy tree he is strengthening his neck and chest musclesto show his dominance in the area.

Bucks runwhen they move, so rubs are also directional signs for hunters.

General rule is the larger the diameter of a rubbed tree, the larger the buck that made the rub. Bigbucks occasionally rub small saplings, but young bucks rarely rub large trees.

Studies have shown mature bucks make an average of 250 rubs per year.

Scrapes are pretty much a sign for advertisement. Usually scrapes can be smelled before they are found. Bucks are said to do this because of a change in their hormone system. The bucks usually lick the branches above the scrape to let deer know they have been there andscrapes area gathering place for deer.

Studies have shown that maturebucksmake an average of 35 scrapes per year, most of them 24 to 36 inches in diameter.

Hope someof this helps.
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

Deer Hunting and Deer Scouting
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Default RE: Rubs and Scrapes

ive had too many coutless hours in atreestand bowhunting over scrapelines and big rubs.
i found that finding there trial to these scrapes and rubs and setting a treestand downwind about 70-100 yards from the scrapes and rubs is better than hunting directlyover the rubs and scrapes.

i dont bowhunt over scrapes and rubs anymore, but more on bedding, feeding, waterholes, and field edges.
my best advice if finding a fresh scrape is hunting that scrape for 2-3 days straight. that buck will come back to check up on it.

this is from my hunting experince bowhunting the Ozarks in Missouri.
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