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Last Day 8pt Unbelievable Story

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Last Day 8pt Unbelievable Story

Old 12-08-2002, 06:17 PM
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Default Last Day 8pt Unbelievable Story

Hey, I was hunting this saturday with my brother, dad and grandpa in southern Sask. We were walking along tree lines. Anyways, were on private land (great uncle's. We were walking this treeline about 50 yards away from this grid road that we hadn't seen a truck on all day. About half way down the line , this Nice 8 pt buck jumped out and started running for the road. I raised my 30-30 but didnt think i could make a running shot so i didnt take the chance. So i started running after this buck (which was behind a little hill now) and when i came out on the other side i saw this truck stopped with a lady standing outside of it. At first i thought she was another hunter but she wasnt wearing colors so i knew she wasnt. Then i noticed the buck was lying in the ditch 20 yards from the highway! I looked at the buck, then at the lady and asked if she had shot the deer (first thought that came to my mind) she said she didnt shoot it but it took out half of her grill. Anyways, in the end i got my pics taken, some nice antlers and some nice cuts of meat. Ill get you some pics soon
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Old 12-08-2002, 06:50 PM
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Default RE: Last Day 8pt Unbelievable Story

please tell me your not going to call that your buck and you didnt use your tag on it and your not going to prize the antlers like they are yours from a good hunt...thats terrible if you do...you didnt kill that buck and shouldnt tag it..it was hit you call the game commision...and why prize something you didnt hunt for and harvest the animal they came from?? i can see using the meat but thats it..maybe using the antlers for knive handles...rattling antlers or something like that that i wouldnt want to use one of my deers racks i killed...it definently wouldnt be on the wall...waste of a good deer...
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Old 12-08-2002, 07:11 PM
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Default RE: Last Day 8pt Unbelievable Story

poor deer, though at least the meat got used. most of the deer i see around here go to waste.

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Old 12-08-2002, 10:22 PM
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Default RE: Last Day 8pt Unbelievable Story

Dane007, I am glad you never shot at him. 50 Yard from a grid and obviously near a highway. If you had missed maybe you catch the lady who was driving the truck or others. Why were you pushing or walking so close to a highway? Lots of good area in saskatcewan beside the highway. Not to mention it is illegal to shoot on, across or along any major road...little lone a highway. Another question, how did you know nobody drove on that grid all day? Snow or what? Seems like you guys need to do a little homework before next year and find some better spots to spend your saturdays chasing deer. Curious did anybody tag anything this year in your party? (besides the road kill) What type of hunting do you guys do?(sit, walk, push...DRIVE) this story makes me erk...this type of stuff give hunters and the sport a bad rep. Oh let me guess...lots of posted land around where you hunt....wonder why!!! Sorry fellow bud, I just don't like this type of thing. I work hard to try and educate hunters that our eye in the public & with farmers is very important. Sure it was your uncles land but these stories have tendancy to get blown up and passed around...making it hard to gain access and acceptance. I do commend you on your desicion to hold off on shot that wasn't good fpr you, but question your parties practices and safety!! Maybe next year!

Is the meat good, any animal I have seen hit it pretty wrecked?

Oh btw, in Saskatchewan it is law that if you possess a big game animal you must have it properly tagged...this includes road kill. While it is asked that any road kill be left at the scene..nothing really stopping you from tagging it. Most would choose to go the route of getting a wildlife cert. attained through the DNR for the horns but this process can take time and is not gauranteed..although with car/deer it would be darn near. Oh saturday was the last day of the season as well here. Obviously not to defend him, but FYI.

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Old 12-09-2002, 07:21 AM
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Default RE: Last Day 8pt Unbelievable Story

Dane let me compliment you on not taking a running shot, I know you are bummed that the buck got hit by a car instead of you getting him.

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