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johnhunt1975 02-15-2007 02:18 PM

WHA alerts
I found these alerts. I thought I'd post here. WHA is just ridiculous:

So the World Hunting Association finally has sponsors again!![/align]After every sponsor kicked WHA to the curb and every major hunting group condemned WHA as the reprehensible contest that they are, three sponsors stepped up to give them money:[/align][/align]Crazy Juice[/align]Xtreme Outdoors Productions[/align]Eagle Sports Equipment[/align][/align]In case you've forgotten what WHA is, they are the ridciulous hunting contest where "hunters" shoot deer next to fences for money and prizes. Hunting is certainly NOT a contest. WHA even panned to originally just dart the deer, pretending that hunting is a sort of catch and release sport.[/align][/align]Every hunter here needs to (1) boycott these three companies until the stop supporting an roganization that makes hunting look so bad and is just plain stupid and (2) start writing letters to them asking them to drop their sponsorship. [/align][/align]Their contact information is: [/align][/align]Crazy Juice: [email protected][/align]Xtreme Outdoors Productions: submit comments at[/align]Eagle Sports Equipment: [email protected][/align][/align]Don't believe me? Check out these videos WHA made: bclid348393488/bctid348523743?action=html[/align][/align][/align]

johnhunt1975 02-15-2007 02:19 PM

RE: WHA alerts
Safari Club International and National Wild Turkey Federation are SUPPORTING World Hunting Association![/align][/align]The WHA website shows SCI and NWTF as affiliates of WHA. They have their own sections in the articles section of the website and each post says "submitted by" SCI Turkey Federation.[/align][/align]Email each of these groups IMMEDIATELY and ask them to please NOT support WHA.[/align][/align]Most every hunting group made statements opposing the concept of WHA. It would be a shame if these groups, two of the biggest groups out there, lent their support to such a terrible contest. [/align][/align]NWTF: [email protected][/align][/align]SCI: first place you can click: specific comment[/align][/align](If you don't have or know your member ID that's ok to just ask a question)[/align][/align]In case you've forgotten, WHA is that ridiculous contest that wanted to start darting deer for a contet last year. They changed their format to a lethal one, but still hunt deer behind fences for money and prizes. Let's not let hunting get turned into NASCAR![/align]

kevin1 02-16-2007 05:40 AM

RE: WHA alerts
SCI will support nearly anything, they have lost all credibility, but I find it difficult to believe that the NWTF would support such stupidity considering how sensitive they are about their image. WHA has also been caught lying about sponsors before.

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