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Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

Old 12-17-2006, 01:26 PM
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Default Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

alright...here's the story....3:30 pm i got in my treestand and got situated like always...round comes 5:00...so i'm thinkin to my self, darn...last weekend of hunting and i'm not goin to get anything. just as i said that, this buck walks out 150yds away from me...its a big 8-point so i start shaking and stuff...he gets on a runway and here he comes...i couldn't believe it was happening...i got my gun up and waited for him to get closer. i was using a traditional muzzelloader with the cocking hammer and stuff so i couldn't take long shot..plus i only had it sighted in at 70 yds. the wind started to swirl and so he stopped, turned around and started to trot away. i was like its now or never. i picked a clearing 120yds away..once he got in it i wistled and he stops and looks...all i see is his rack and my crosshairs right on his shoulder, then.....POW!! fire and smoke go every wher...i see him dash back into the pines where he came out of...alnog with all of the crashing twigs and branches...then everything goes silent...all i hear is me breathing hard as heck....i radio to my dad to tell him i got a dandy....i get down out of my stand and go look for blood....what did i find?? NO BLOOD! excpet ther was a small portion of hair...so i go back to the cabin and talk to my dad who shot a doe. we go get his doe an hour later then see if we can find anything else on mine. nope...had to wait till the next morning...that night i hardly slept a wink....at daybreak, we put on our orange and fired up the quads. for 2 hours, we combed the woods and look for him and blood. all i found was a lil chunk of hair...nottin more...we dicided to give up and just as were walking out, we walked over a hill and guess what was laying there on the ground....yep! MY 8-POINT!! this is one of the nicer ones we got up ther and by far the biggest for muzzelloading...i am so pround of this buck right now...after all season, all the countless hours scouting andin the stand and all the school i missed for this buck...i finnaly got him on the last day of muzzelloading...he has a 16 inch spread but by far this is one truly memorable buck!!



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Old 12-17-2006, 02:24 PM
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

congrats nice deer
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

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Old 12-17-2006, 03:23 PM
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

Congrats, nice buck.
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

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Old 12-17-2006, 04:33 PM
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

Great Job, Nice Buck
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

Congrats nice Buck.
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

Nice job dude!
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Default RE: Hoytteen Scores Again!!!(PICS!!)

sweet deer man.
are you getting him mounted?
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