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how does walmart do it!

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Default RE: how does Wilmar do it!

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Ask the Wally world pro for that 4.5 X 14 variX III Leupold scope for your new rifle and enjoy the look of bewilderment in his eyes.
Probably because most Wall Worlds doen't carry it in stock. You would have to special order it. Plus you would probably get the samelook at the higher end sports stores too.
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Default RE: how does Wilmar do it!

As the guy above my post said.. they can read.. NO they wont have EVERY hunting item you want.. they arent a sole hunting related store.. but what you get there and what you can order from there are going to be at a good price.. Why knock Wal-mart?? Would you rather go elsewhere and pay more money...? Dont buy into the government BS of being wal-mart haters...
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Default RE: how does Wilmar do it!

FYI, not all Wallmart or Kmart sporting goods counters are staffed by morons.
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Default RE: how does Wilmar do it!

I am real surprised that so many of you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to Walmart. Sam Walton would lock the doors of every store if he ever seen what his company is doing now. As another poster said we are literally buying the shovel they are going to bury us with.

And ALL business in China is directly run by their Army and Government, they don’t give the money to their workers they are arming themselves to fight us! They have the fastest growing Military in the world. With money they make from Walmart.
Imagine your tongue about 3 times its size and that you are stone drunk. That’s the way I imagine all of you saying Walmart is great because you get good prices there.
Everything we do and every job of manufacturing is in jeopardy of slave labor from this company.




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Default RE: how does Wilmar do it!

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FYI, not all Wallmart or Kmart sporting goods counters are staffed by morons.
This is Another of my points why would you support a store that treats its employees so poorly at the expense of all of us.
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Default RE: how does Wilmar do it!

ORIGINAL: nohillbilly

FYI, not all Wallmart or Kmart sporting goods counters are staffed by morons.
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Default RE: how does walmart do it!

OK, nobody's perfect, and I have my problems with Wal-Mart too. I get a little irritated about their corporate culture that allows rampant use of eminent domain to acquire locations. Wal-Mart has been under attack, though, not because of its eminent domain policies, but because it's been doing such a good job in the free marketplace.

Unions hate Wal-Mart, of course, because the Wal-Mart workforce isn't unionized. The people who work at Wal-Mart actually believe that they're working for Wal-Mart. They aren't operating under an allusion that they're working for a union! Since this is an intolerable situation for the unions, Wal-Mart must be demonized!

Other retailers aren't happy with Wal-Mart either. Wal-Mart is a clear low-price leader. For other businesses to compete they have to either offer higher levels of service, better merchandise or lower prices, all of which would affect the bottom line. So, if you can't compete --- demonize. Hop on the union bandwagon and participate in the demonization of Wal-Mart.

These businesses know that if they can do anything to force Wal-Mart to increase its prices, like accepting an unionized workforce or adopting expanded worker benefits, it will help to level the competitive playing field.

Recently a "documentary" was released by Wal-Mart opponents which purported to show the negative impact that Wal-Mart is supposedly having on our country. The documentary was full of distortions and lies. In one particular instance a Northeast hardware was shown. The owner was shutting down, and the blame was placed squarely on the new Wal-Mart in town. The trouble here was that the hardware store was in the process of closing long before the arrival of Wal-Mart and the owner of that store has admitted that Wal-Mart had nothing to do with the closing. In other words, the opponents of Wal-Mart lied to get their point across. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

So .. has the campaign of demonization been working? It would seem so. A survey done by some anti-Wal-Mart group known as WakeUpWalMart.com has found that 56% of Americans say that Wal-Mart is bad for America. Amazing, because it's simply not true.

If the unions and Wal-Mart competitors succeed in forcing Wal-Mart to increase its operating costs it will constitute a wage cut for every single American who relies on Wal-Mart for huge savings on the items they need in their daily lives.Maybe these people should be careful what they ask for because they just might get it, and when they do you'll hear them crying from all directions....
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Default RE: how does walmart do it!

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Default RE: how does walmart do it!

ORIGINAL: gamehunter1269

Hate to burst your bubble but the guns you just purchased at wal-mart have no manufacture warrenty. Because wal-mart does in fact sell " nock offs " of you modern firearm. This is why wal-mart is pulling almost 78% of all their gun out of the stores because of a liability scam that the gun makers are putting on wal-mart. But if i never new that then i would purchase guns at wal-mart but iv known this for about 5 years now since i bought a charles daily at wal-mart and the gun blew up and when i went to have it fixed under the warrenty the company would not except it because it was not made at there factory.
That's funny I bought a charles daly autoloader at my local walmart and just got it back from CD because it was ejecting shells out of the bottom when it reloaded. Warrenty covered it.And none of CD guns are made in a CD factory.Over Under shotguns are made in Italy or Turkey. Side by sides are made in Italy, Spain and Turkey. Semi autos and pumps are made in Turkey. All Daly rifles were made in serbia. As of now I am not sure where they are being manufactured because Remington bought out Zastava Armsand they no longer make CD firearms.The only CD firearm manufactoredin the US is the HP pistols, and they still are not made in a CD plant. I was told of CDnot excepting warrentys by a guy at the local gun shop. "Dont buy at Wal-Mart, buy from me he says." Well after a little checking that is not the case. My Wal-Mart just added more guns to there inventory and now will order just about any gun I want to purchase. Weatherby, Remington, Browing, Benelli, just about all of them. Maybe there was another reason that your warrenty was refused. You ever shhot reloads out of it?
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Default RE: how does walmart do it!

personally i hate going there b/c of the crowd but i love it for sporting goods prices. i bought 7 Abu Garcia reels clearance there that where $70-$120 normal price for $30. I bought an 870 Super mag full realtree for $290, Honestly i buy about 3 guns a year there. i know if may hurt the little man or whatever that crap is but why on this earth would i drive to a gunshop, pay $1100 for a new BAR when I can go to walmart and get it for $700 at walmart...there is no logical reasoning.
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Quick Reply: how does walmart do it!

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