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Telecommunications Used For Hunting

Old 12-09-2006, 05:54 AM
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

They can make things better,or worse.As far as deer movement being broadcast,it is little or no help except on drives(which i dont like to do anymore).As far as keeping me from falling asleep in my tree,Yea it works for that,and the deer dont seem to mind me if im 25 ft up a tree whispering into a box.Telling jokes and calling for help is about all they realy are good for in my opinion.Even when i did do the drive thing,If i was posted,I shut my radio off because the deer might bust me when they heard some idiot blabbing into it asking if anyone can hear him whistle, and which way to go.
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

ORIGINAL: tj_cubin

we use them, always have.

you say its not hunting, just killing? do you think radios are that much of a help? we must be using them wrong.

For the most part all the radios do is let us know who is seeing deer, let us keep track of where people are for safety. Someone telling you a deer is headed your way is not a gaurenteed kill. At least in the terrain i hunt in, knowing a deer coming towards you does not increase your likely hood of seeing it, much less killing it.

as far as using radios to finish off a wounded deer, are you kididng? give me a break. maybe you do jsut fine without radios hunting deer with a spear. afterall, you know that using a gun isnt hunting, its jsut killing
x2, also party hunting is legal in my state aswell (just in case this is brought up). why down other people for the way they hunt? as long as it's legal in their area, why judge them because of the way they hunt? baiting is illegal in my area and i happen to think it's CRAP to bait because of an unfair advantage. but i don't judge people by the means they hunt, as long as it's legal where you are...have at it. to each his own.
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

Example #3: Hunters 1 and 2(11 yr old 1st timer) see small buck in corn field.
i wish i could see one of them small bucks your reffering too
thats a nice buck congrats to the lil guy.
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

Thanks Browing, I said small because the other buck that was with him and the three does Made him look small. Unfortunely, the giant got away. That was another part of the story, I didn't mention. I missed and I'm sick about it.
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Old 12-09-2006, 08:59 PM
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

Here's what thelaw is in Pa:

Portable,two-way radios and cell phones may be used for general communications with another hunter, but may not be used to direct or alert another hunter of the presence or location of live game or wildlife. the use of electronic communication devises to alert hunters to live game is not only a violation of the Game and Wildlife code, but violates the definition of Fair Chase.
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Old 12-09-2006, 09:10 PM
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

One of my good buddies communicates with his dad during turkey season via cell phone/walkie talkie. He usually sets up on top of a hill overlooking many fields and clearcuts and radios where the turkeys are headed, how many etc. I dont see anything wrong with this, just another technique used for hunting.
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

Well since it is aparently illegal to use technology to hunt let's alll just sit in a tree with a rock, jump on the first deer to walk by and bash it's brains in. Wait using a rock may be too technologically advanced, let's strangle a deer instead.[&:][:@]

Honestly besides the law breakers and scum bags that don't really hunt there is no problems with using telecommunications to hunt anything.
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

Illegal here . Hunters have signalled each other about the presence of or movement direction of game for millenia , so I see no harm in it personally .
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

Two-way radios are such a big help. I know I would probably never see a deer walk by my stand if somebody didn't give me a heads up first.
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Default RE: Telecommunications Used For Hunting

I hunt alone and am getting up in years so I carry my cell phone to the stand each time. When deer are in my stand area at dark and I can't come down yet, I phone my wife and let her know I'm ok and am just letting the deer feed out of my area before coming down from my stand. It's a safety thing and also reassures my wife that I'm ok. Before cell phones, she'd worry herself to death sometimes. LOL. Oh, and it has come in very handy this season to call my friend and son to come and help me get those two big bucks out I have gotten so far this year.
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