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have you ever been shot at?

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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Man I would of peed my pants [&:]
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Shoot Back!
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I haven't been shot AT, but the number of 3 shot strings I've heard on public land have concerned me. If a 'hunter'is careless enough toshoot at a running deer with other hunters in the area, chances are good that they won't be too careful about making sure they are shooting in a clear area before swinging their barrel.

When I'm out there,I refuse to get in a tree stand where I can't get down and in hard cover if something comes my way, or mount a defense against some guy that might be drunk or high. Up in the air, you're also more likely to get hit by a round from over a hill, and have a better chance of being in big trouble if you do get hit since you might find yourself hanging from your safety harness in addition to the initial injuries.

I usually end up playing defense and spend more time watching for orange than I do watching for deer. I'll keep track of any other hunters I see, but stay in the hardwoods and keep tree trunks between me and anyone else who may be out there.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Here's a thought, and it's one that I'm surprised hasn't been brought up before now. In some of these incidents that seem intentional, could it have been an anti-hunter shooting at a hunter in an effort to kill two birds with one stone? The hunter might be killed, or scared into never hunting again, AND itmight be reported as a hunting accident too, resulting in more anti-ammo to get hunting banned or restrict it. Some of these stories might even have been made up or exagerrated to make it seem worse than it is.

Heck, threads like this could be bait for us hunters to give the anti's piles of stuff to use against us (Nothing personal MudChicken, just making a point). Personally, I think it is more beneficial to have these happenings out in the open so that all hunters who read it might be a bit more careful before shooting, and might think a bit more defensively when planning their hunts.

OOPS. I forgot I was wearing my conspiracy glasses. Sorry 'bout that.

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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

It is crazy around here to just sit and listen in the mountains on the public areas for series of automatic fire and alot of single shots at probably nothing. I used to wonder why anyone would want to bow hunt or use a single shot muzzleloader when i was young but after the past couple hunting seasons i feel for the single shotters out there, this year i've taken up muzzleloading and will be bow hunting the 07 season. everyone i know that takes any good deer take them in bow/muz. anyways, by the time gun comes everything good is either dead or scared out of its mind from all the people runnin around. if i have someone shoot at me and i see them i'd be hard pressed to not return fire with my sidearm. not trying to hit them but just to scare the wiz out of them. now i was shot at once while fishing. we where in the marina bya cousins houseboat. he has a light over the water on at all times and we just eased up beside the houseboat to crappie fish a few minutes. guy comes out about 50 yards away on his boat and starts off "what the $@!! are you doin, stealin?!" i told him it belonged to family and we where fishing, we even waved our rods in the air to show the guy and we where under a light so he could see. next thing i know he starts sayin we better get our thievin' butts awayor he'll use his .38spl.then he fires a shot into the air(which probably woke up everyone in the marina) and started cussin. after we fired up the motor I hollered at him and told him if he's lucky tonight his houseboat wont be sitting at the bottom of the lake with some holes in the hull. needless to say after that he didnt stay in the marina much longer until he was involuntarily evactuated from the area. and that kids is why i take my XD-40 everywhere i go
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