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have you ever been shot at?

Old 12-04-2006, 05:55 PM
Fork Horn
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

i was never actually shot but last archery season i had a guy squirell hunting shoot at a squirell in the tree i was up in my climber....
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Well my uncle was at deer camp sitting in his truck and we hunt on 800 acres of private land and his truck was hit by a rifle round scared the sh#t out of him.
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Old 12-04-2006, 07:49 PM
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

yep. when i was helping a friend push a thicket. his dad shot in our direction. never got hit but it was the last time i ever pushed for him.
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Old 12-05-2006, 09:32 AM
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

That is the reason I never hut public land. I know it can happen anywhere but public is by far the worst.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

3 years ago during late season muzzle seasoni was hunting this small field near this county road, from the road to the back edge of the field is about 200 yards. i was sitting there and just before dark i see this pickup comming down the road then he stops right in line with me, i was just about to start walking back to my pickup when bang!! a shot rings out form that truck and right in front of me like 3 feet the bullet hits literally kicking dirt up in my face[:@]...then i hear the truck door slam and this guy tears off. Im was pretty shook up, i started running back to my truck to try and catch up with him but he was long gone. Some people shouldnt even be alllowed to own a dang gun.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I was walking up a hillside to a field that I knew was on top of the hill during doe season in PA about 20 years ago.
When I was nearing the top I must've pushed a herd out into the field where a gang of hunters unloaded about 50 rounds!
I heard about a dozen bullets richocheting over my head and whizzing through the air.
Needless to say, I went back to the truck and called it a day because I was so shaken up.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I was sitting in a holler deer hunting a couple of years ago, when all of a sudden I hear a gun shot, BOOM!, I can hear the bullets whizzing right over my head, I get up and begin to leave, when I hear BOOM!!, and another bullet flies over my head, so I go out until the field where I can see what the dunderhead is shooting at, it turns out, he was shooting at a hawk that was flying above me from across the field, needless to say, I left, and never hunted there again. I'm also very fortunate the idiot ddin't shoot me when I came out of the holler.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?


I have never been shot at while hunting, but have experienced it a few times while in the Army, both small arms and artillery. Very scarey stuff.
What war was that?I'd imagine that was scary. Really scary.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

My family owns land in Nebraska, and there was a giant turkey population there at this time, and my great-grandfather who owned it would let hunters hunt there, and my dad andmy uncle were hunting up there at the same time these hunters from New York were.

Anyway, my uncle and dad notice a stampede of turkeys coming toward them, and they're looking into the stampede and looking for a large tom to shoot, and then, these guys from New York are coming over the hill emptying their magazines into the "herd" not even making sure that they hit anything! Several rounds of pellets whistle by my dad and uncle'sheads, and then the yell at the New Yorkers, who then stop firing.
My dad and uncle ask them what the heck they're doing, and they claim they're hunting.

My great-grandfather never allowed hunters on there again, except for family.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Me... Thankfully no, I've never been shot at. {knocks on wood}... But a friend of mine did (extremely close call, too close for comfort....) This is the samefriend of mine who no longer hunts. Will not hunt. Has no desire anymore. Hocked all his stuff years ago. See,it wasaround 10 years ago, my friend was out hunting at one of the popular public land WMA's (known to become a sea of blaze orange very quickly! [:'(]), with another guy he knew. {BOOM!}... Instantly, they hit the ground and probably dropped a load in their pants. The gunshot was directed right them. There is no mistaking which direction the shot came from, you know? Thankfully neither he or the other guy were hurt, but to this very day, my friend will tell you straight up - he remembers hearing the bullet whizz right by his head!!!! [&:][]

Butch A.

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Quick Reply: have you ever been shot at?

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