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have you ever been shot at?

Old 12-04-2006, 09:56 AM
Fork Horn
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

i once shot myself when i was but a wee lad of 15 or so... does that count? no i didn't do it on purpose and no it didn't feel good...

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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I guess you could say we weren't actually shot at specifically, but close enough.

We were hunting public land once and we kept hearing 3 shots in a row, bam-bam-bam. Over and over and getting closer. Probably 12 shots before we could hear them hitting the trees near us. Some moron was blasting into the trees "to flush birds". He said he didn't know there were bowhunters in the woods. We told the DNR officer at the check-in station and they went to 'talk' to him. Don't know what came of it, but I'm sure it wasn't good.

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have a gun.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I've had lead 'buzz' me pretty close while hunting, but it was always some 'hail mary' shot over a hill from a distance.(man I love the orange assault!!)

I have been shot AT, though, but not while hunting. those are stories for another day...

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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I've had bullets hit the tree I've been sitting in before. That's about it.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Not while hunting but when I was young I was walking in the field behind my house when my cousin decided to to some target practice on an old helium tank we had back there. I was in sight and I saw him, nothing was obstructing his view when he fired. I was standing a few feet from it.

My grandpa also shot off two of his toes in a hunting accident.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

my aunt shot at deer that were not even in her field and missed. the bullets went acorss 2 roads right at our truck. me and my brothers were standing there and they whizzed right by us. after she figured out she almost hit us she hasnt hunted since. she also did the same thing earlier that day and almost hit my brother while sitting in his stand.how ridiculous
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I was hunting a dried river bed once and moving very slow (fortunately) I heard the zing and then saw bark fly from a tree no more than three feet from me. I figured it was a ricoche, still scarey.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Yeap November 1998. I had taken a nice buck in the morning at the edge of my friends property . I left my treestand in the woods until about four hours later. As I approached the area of my stand I heard some gun shots. Not thinking much about it. I continued to retrieve my stand. I hear something whizz by. I looked and there was these idiots in the field adjoing his property shotting a handgun up in the woods where my stand was. I screamed at them to let them know I was in their "line of fire". after ducking behind a real big tree. They stopped shooting. I went to the area where they were at to let them know exactly as to why I thought their parent's should have thrown themn away and kept the afterbirth but they were no where to be found.
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

About 4 years ago I was sitting against a tree in a hedgerow between two fields. A tiny skipper came out to my left about 50 yards...as I watched her I heard a shot ( from well over 300 through a hedgerow and across two fields) In a instant I heard a loud whizzing and a thud. The bullet richotched andstuck in the treeless than 5 inches directly above my head! Needless to say that guy got booted from the property real quick. I even had a blaze orange hat on as did the shooter. unreal....very very scary.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

my grandfather is staill carrying a buckshot pellet in his neck next to his spine from a hunting accident. doctors said if they tried to take it out it would have paralyzed him. it happened about 40 years ago when a deer run between him and a cousin. the cousin shot at the deer and hit my grandfather.
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Quick Reply: have you ever been shot at?

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