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have you ever been shot at?

Old 12-04-2006, 02:08 AM
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I've been shot at more times than I can count - and it's always the same story.

Every one of those women told me their husbands wouldn't be home til later!

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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

I was shot at while on my lake fishing. The guy doesn't like us by his dock?!?! He's a jerk.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Good one Uncle Mat!!!
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

About 6 years ago I went bowhunting on the opening day of pheasant season here in IA.Knowing its a busy day I wore an orange vest up in the tree.At a little after 8:00 that morning I see three guys and their dogs working a weedpatch coming towards me.I waved and they waved back, they got up within about 30/40 yards of me and a rooster jumped up.2 out of three of those a$$holes 2 opened up shooting directly up at me.I could hear the birdshot hitting the branches around me but they didnt hit me.After a screaming confrontation where they claimed they didnt know I was there{they waved at me about 90 seconds before that} I offered to mistake one of thier dogs for a deer if they didnt get out from under me.Didnt dawn on me till later they had tresspassed through about 1/2 mile of farmground to get to the public land where they shot at me from.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

My father was almost shot at point blank range right in the back. Him and a few of my uncles were out hunting rabbits with a few beagles. They ran into another party who was hunting and I guess they weren't too happy about the dogs because one of the guys kicked my uncles beagle while my dad was standing right there. Of course this caused quite an exchenge of words. As my dad went to walk away the guy shouldered his shotgun right at my dad's back. Luckily another member of this guys hunting crew smacked the barrell towards the ground right as he squeezed the trigger. He ended up shooting the ground right to the left of my dad's feet and he was only standing less than 10 feet away.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

A few times at work but nothing close while hunting.
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

November 4, 2000 while bow hunting in Northern Wisconsin I was shot in the right bicep by a 14 year old Native American with a .30-06. I was dragging a deer through a red pine plantation and the kid was 20 yards away and sound shot at me just before I stepped onto the trail. The bullet hit a branch just before it hit me and I got shrappnel in my stomach and my groin. Themain part of the bullet hit the middle of my right bicep and missed my artery by 2mm and also missed the bone. If it would have hit the artery, I wouldn't be here typing this to you. I ended up getting air lifted from Spooner, WI to Duluth MN where I spend 2.5 hrs in surgery to replace the artery in my arm.

Life is GREAT, I'm still alive!

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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Twice - once while goose hunting, the family on the neighboring property didn't know we were there while they were messing around with a .22. Several bullets zinged right by me and my buddy, one landed 5 feet in front of him. When we confronted them they claimed we weren't supposed to be there (we had permission from the owner).

The other happened deer hunting. I was at the top of a hill with orange on. A truck came down the roada half mile away, stopped, shot, and the bullet zinged by me about 15 yards away, then they tore off. There were no deer around...I guess they just wanted to scare me...idiots...
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

An old guy once fired a .22 over my and a bud's heads because we were sighting in on his neighbor's property and the noise was bothering him . When I stopped at their house on the way home his wife answered the door and got the riot act read to her . Cowardly bassturd ... [:@]
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Default RE: have you ever been shot at?

Mudchicken, that is some scarey stuff. A fricken idiot shooting at noise. I have never been shot at while hunting, but have experienced it a few times while in the Army, both small arms and artillery. Very scarey stuff.
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Quick Reply: have you ever been shot at?

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