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What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

Old 12-03-2006, 09:01 PM
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Default What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

I started fishing with a co-worker early last Spring and really got into it. We were going all the time. What I like about him is he'll go anytime, any place. Well as hunting season came along, we started deer hunting together as well. I took my first buck opening day of black powder. I wanted to put him on a deer before the week was over so I brought him to my honey hole (which was a mistake because now he is going there all the time) and let him hunt the field while I set back and hunted the woods knowing that his chances were a lot greater than mine. Well I heard a shot blow off and went to see what he got, well he missed. I knew before gun season started that his standards for scope accuracy were really low because he was happy just getting within twelve inches of the bullseye on the target at 100 yards. To quote him "that's good enough for me". Well anyways a couple nights later he got another opportunity and missed again. It kind of got on my nerves a little because there was no reason to miss the second time at less than 100 yards. It kind of got to where I didn't really know if I wanted to take him with me anymore. A week after this I went bow hunting by myself and took a doe that morning. I made the mistake of getting him to help me find and drag it out. Now he is hunting that area as well! Today was the last day of modern gun and I really didn't want to hunt being that my freezer is full but we went anyways. I brought him to a spot and we spotted a buck bedded down but we couldn't get a shot at it. I put him on the funnel spot that was about 15 yards wide and offered him my Remington 1100 with buckshot since he was using a 7mm rem mag with scope. He declined saying he didn't need it, he could hit it with his rifle. I offered a few more times and he wasn't interested. I snuck around to the back side of where this buck was bedded and I guess it heard me cause before I got there I seen two shadows with horns running directly toward my buddy. I hear two shots go off and almost know that he got one. Well, he missed at 10 yards. This is the third nice buck he has missed this year and I'm pretty pissed. Nice bucks are not easy to come by around here unless you have private property, which I don't. I don't know what I'll do next year. He loves to hunt but his standards just suck. I feel when I try to explain how to do something that he just blows me off. I have no other hunting friends and if nobody goes with me, I usually won't go myself. Any recommendations on my sad little venting story? Any what would you do's?
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

It sounds to me like he is really taking advantage of you trying to be a nice guy and getting him on a deer. Take him to the range, get serious with him about zeroing his gun, and if he doesn't agree to, he doesn't belong in the woods and you should do the ethical thing and leave his ass at the house. =]It sounds like maybehes new to the woods, if thats the case help him learn the things he needs to know, and if hes too stubborn, don't go deer hunting with him, simple as that.
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

If i was you i would get rid of him real quick..I used to hunt everyday with my brother-in-law for 3 straight seasons until last year when i saw him take a doe illegaly,which he said he thought it was a buck..Well i let that go and then when he found it he didnt even take the deer for the meat,and that was the last time i went hunting with him or anybody else for that matter.I think you have a better chance to see more deer when your by yourself because you dont have to worry if they are sitting still or walking around.
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

I like to have someone with me just so I can have an extra pair of eyes. my dad sometimes goes with me and he's hunted his whole life. this year was the first time i've hunted alone and got a 8 point buck the 3rd time i was by myself. but to me it's funner having someone there with you. but if they are a pain i would just leave them home. plain and simple.
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

Well it sounds like you enjoy his company and arejust unhappy with the way he hunts. Why not tell him you are interested in starting to go to the gun range in the off season? Make it a weekly or biweekly thing. And then after a few times make it a little competitive by saying let's see who can get closer to the bullseye the most? This is a suttle approach. Or you could just flat out tell him his shooting skills suck and he needs lots of practice before you go hunting with him again.
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

Tell him the truth, you like hunting with him, you dont mind taking him, but if he doesnt get his gun zeroed in and do some practicing you wont be taking him back to your spot because hes spooking to many deer out of it and as you said, good bucks are hard to come by.
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

Have you offered to sight in his gun for him?
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

just be glad he is missing instead of wounding these deer. opening morning my "i can hit anything on a run" neighbor shot 6 times with a pump shotgun at a 4 point and this deer came limping to me with 2 broken legs, and a hole in a third leg down at his hoof. i was able to make a shot and put him down just 40 yards from my stand. nobody can hit a deer when you rachet off 6 shots in 15 seconds...unless you are a pro...but this guy doesnt practice at all.

earlier this year he took a nice buck who was on the run, he shot and hit him thru the back leg and into the gut area. this deer went several hundred yards and took nearly 2 hours to finally bleed out and expire, and i quote him "at least he is dead, all that matters is he is in the truck now, stupid deer"
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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

Stainless, I've been in the same situation except that this other guy (who can't shoot) took me out in his truck to show me some good hunting spots. It was great until the deer showed up...this guy's a friggin nightmare.

I know he's going to hunt whether I approve of his ethics or abilities so I gave him suggestions and offered to help him out (ie, showed him field shooting positions, gave him shooting sticks, told him he's welcome to come to the range with me any time, etc....). I kind of felt like he was blowing me off (just like you mentioned) but someone's got to start somewhere and stick with it.

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Default RE: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

Put blanks in his gun when he is not looking. Problem solved
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Quick Reply: What to do with hunting partners who can't place the shot?

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