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i have a hard time sitting still while hunting in a tree stand. i really like deer hunting. i am thinking about switching to still hunting. i am new to this kind of hunting. what are some tips about still hunting? how long do you sit in an area before moving to a new area? thank you for the help.
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It's gonna be windy tomorrow, so I will be still hunting as well. I guess some good tips would be to walk slowly, 5-6 steps and stop and look for a minimum of a minute. Try to keep your footsteps as silent as possible. Keep your head up while walking, don't look at the ground. Pick your path when you are at a stop. Look for movement and parts of a deer, not the whole deer, like an ear twitching, tail wagging, eye blinking, it's back (things don't grow horizontal in the woods).

Sometimes you can creep right up on them, especially if it's windy or rainy. Most of the times they will spot you first though. They will remain still (even bedded) until you get too close. If you jump them, they may stop for a second (especially if you grunt or bleat) to give you a shot opportunity.

As far as how long I sit...depends, somedays I will sit most of the day (especially if the leaves are crunchy), but if its wet I'll still hunt between my spots and sit for 1/2 hour or so.
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I agree with what kenman said.
I would add a couple of ideas:
1) If there are dirt roads around your hunting area, I'd spend a little time slowly driving around looking for where deer have crossed the road in the early morning; chances are, they will be spending the day in that area. No sense hunting where the deer aren't - spend your time where you know they are.
2) Walk with the wind in your face - either directly or at an angle to you. As you walk, don't spend much time looking downwind, the deer won't approach you from that direction if they are moving, and if you have walked past them and they smell you, they won't be there anyway.
3) IF it's sunny, try to also have the sun at your back; it's much easier for you to see deer that way - and harder for them to see you.
4) Make your movements small and slow. Watch out for moving your head and hands a lot. We don't realize how much we do both, and they both identify us as humans very quickly. Move your eyes much more than you move your head, even when walking.
5) STILL hunting means you're going to move verrrrry slowly. As kenman said, just a few easy, cautious steps, then look for a minute or more. I sometimes carry binos and slowly scan with them, forcing myself to slow down. They are great because they enable you to see INTO the brush rather than just AT it. Again, when raising and lowering bino, move your hands slowly. Don't be in a hurry to see what's over the next rise - and when you do top a rise, do it in small stages, with just your head over it - - stop and look - - then a few more steps, etc. Deer often bed on the warmest side of a rise (either the sunny side or the side with least wind). Watch closely for them to be on those little benches near the top of a rise.
It's a great way to hunt and very rewarding when you actually walk up on deer and see them before they see you.

Good Luck!
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