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20 guage too small

Old 11-30-2006, 02:34 PM
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

Ive shot many deer with my 20 gauge but i limit my shots to 100 yards.I shoot a H&R ultra slugger with 2 and 3/4 lightfields.
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

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That said, if I had a twenty and wanted to go deer hunting, I'd load it up with slugs. No reason in the world not to. If slugs were not allowed, I think I'd have to go buy a 12 or even a 10ga.
I second that. I've seen patterns of buckshot through 12 gauges that were "good." It works, but I'd much rather use a slug, especially with as few buckshot pellets that would be in a 20 gauge.

Your son should love his 870, Killer. I love mine.
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

calaforniadoctor..........good god thats gotta hurt! i have a 20 gauge 870 and i load it with either tru balls or winchester super x's. you gotta love the 870s.
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

I have a Remington SP-10 Magnum which is a pretty heavy semi-auto shotgun (11 pounds) so the recoil is more of a hard push than a painfull jolt.

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Default RE: 20 guage too small

why not use a slug caldoc put a big hole in them 12 or 20 a rifle slug is going to work well then there's sabots and rifle barrels stretch that range out both types of slugs have a lot more range than buckshot even it its from a 10ga
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

I have shot alot of deer with my 20 ga Mossberg mdl 500. I have a fully rifled barrel, and I use 3" saboted slugs, took a doe at 175 yards, double lung, clean through. my cousin uses a 20 but with a smooth barrel, and he shoots good, kills deer, so I say Fire away!
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Default RE: 20 guage too small


some people say that a 20 gauge is too small for hunting deer
What do you guys think?

absolutely not. i was taught to hunt by my grandpa who gave me my first gun at about 8 years of age, the gun wasa .410 single shot with slugs. it was not a long distance shooter but my grandpa did not want me shooting long distance when i first started out. it was more or lessfor learning gun safety and responsibility. however i did take a couple deer with that .410 before i graduated to a 20 gauge a couple years later.
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

A 20 guage was more than enough for me to get a buck last year .
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

a 20 gauge with a slug barrel and slug is a deadly combination i have taken an adult doe with that set up at 200 yards it is not to small it hits hard and provides a quick clean kill like any other hunting rifle
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Default RE: 20 guage too small

Plenty of gun for deer. I have 12s that stay in the gun safe. My 20 is an Ithica Deerslayer II and it is a joy to shoot. 12s just suck during practice. I shoot lightfields through it and it has killed 4 deer in the 2 years I have had it and none went more than 30 yards.
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