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anyone know limit on 30-06?

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Default anyone know limit on 30-06?

i shoot my 30-06 winchester. i use 150 grain remington bullets. Any one know the limit of how far i can shoot? I mean a good shot with enough energy to kill a deer? I have shot two deer this yea one at 110yrds and one 120 yards. I dont like to take far shots but if i have to i will take a 300 yrd shot. Would it have enough power?
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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

Stick to a range that you are comfortable with is great advice. If you havent' shot your rifle at 300 yard enough to know where it will hit then you shouldn't take a shot that far. If you practice enough a 300 yard shot is not to far for the .30-06 to do it's damage. I know with my .280 I would feel comfortable taking a 300 yard shot. Practice makes perfect.
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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

The limit of your 30-06 is you not it. My 30-06 is 1.5" high at 100 and 7" low at 300 when sighted at 200. So a 300 yard shot is not at all out of the question.

PS It still has about 2500 ft lbs of Kinetic Energy at that range. Most people would tell you that 1000 was more than enough. So if you can shoot the 06 can kill it as far as you can shoot it.

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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

An 06 will kill one a half mile away if you can hit it.

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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

the 30-06 has enough energy out to 450 maybe 500 yards, but hitting the actual target out there is something else all together. if i was going for the real long shots i would get some federal HE or some hornady lightmags in a 180gr bullet, but the 150 will do fine for closer in shots, ie under 400yards. make sure that both you and the gun can hit those targets though

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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

The key is practice. In the war soilders who were skilled made shots up to 1400 plus yards with mauser 30-06.

I shoot a 30-06 with 150grain bullets. I practice shoots up to 300 yards. I dont feel comfortable any further than 300 yards but the gun is capable of much further.

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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

i practice up to 500 yards with 180 gr they have a lot of drop but are still very leathal
i think around 400 is the farthest i have shot at game
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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

my friend took 2 deer at 547 yards or something to that extent...with a 243!!!they both were luck hits and hit the spine but still had the power to get in that far....a 30.06 i think its limits are farther than most shooters..you build a custom rifle with the highest grade parts and you do your part it can be a 1000yd gun i think...300yds is nothing for a 3006 if you can do it...

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Default RE: anyone know limit on 30-06?

I have to agree with everyone else. You would be the limit not the gun. I don't recomend anyone shooting any further than they are comfortable with. I shoot a Ruger model 77 30 06 with a good scope that is sighted in at 200 yards. I am 1.3" high at 100 yards and 7.3" low at 300 yards. Now I know that it will shoot way beyond that if set up properly but my comfort level is to 300.

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Quick Reply: anyone know limit on 30-06?

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