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243 and deer

Old 11-15-2006, 10:25 AM
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Default RE: 243 and deer

Nice deer.
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Default RE: 243 and deer

I have a remington 243 and it will do the job.Remington 243 win 100 GR core-lokt work best. I would prefer to shot behind the shoulder. I killed a doe with my 243 at 150yd she only ran 15yd.
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Default RE: 243 and deer

thanks, i didn't realize that ( the myth thing). I totally agree with a clean shot, I havn't lost one yet.
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Default RE: 243 and deer

my dad and me both shoot 243's for deer it has beena good caliber i have been using mine for about 12years and my dad has been using his from 1972 he shoot 85,87gr herters or horndays i use 95gr nosler balistic tips but i used 100gr rem core loc for a long time they are fairly cheep and a exalent job on deer.
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Default RE: 243 and deer

I've shot a .243 before, and carried one hunting as a child, but never shot a deer with one.
I only know that there are a lot of people who love them and swear by them, and others who say they are under powered for some situations. Of course these are opinions that I've heard and I don't share either. I only mentioned it so that you could look into it for yourself if you so desire.

I do know this as a fact, since I'm looking at ballistic tables on the round in "shoot better II" while I type. This round is one of the flatest ones out there, so it has that going for it.
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Default RE: 243 and deer

I had my doubts last night, but i put a sliver tip ballistic behind the right shoulder, and the bullet came out right in front of the left shoulder. THis was the first deer i've ever seen just drop and not move. I was about an inch back from the shoulder, and still the ballistics broke the right shoulder, the exit hole was not fantastic, but I could put a quarter through it. While gutting the doe, the lungs were complete soup, the heart was fine becausei shot alittle high. I'm very happy with the 243 and i'm happy to say it's my new deer gun.
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Default RE: 243 and deer


All these people are dropping deer in their tracks. Where are you hitting the deer. Lungs, neck or head
I typically make heart/lung shots. I've killed 4 deer with my .30-06, and 4 with my .243. One headshot with each on does (didn't want to spoil any meat), obviously dropped in their tracks.One chest shot with each, dropped in their tracks. The remaining two chest shots with each resulted in the deer going from 5 to 50 yards after they were hit. I think for cumulative distance, the .243 is slightly ahead...
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Default RE: 243 and deer

ORIGINAL: spudrow

Well I guess I need to weigh in my thoughts on the 243. I have used a 270 and a '06 all my hunting life and I absolutely love those 2 guns.I was looking for less recoil so I purchased a Rem 700 ADl in 243. Bought it 2 weeks ago, sighted it in in just 9 shots at 2 inches high at 100 yards right out of the box with 2 minor adjustments, 1 windage, 1 elevation. My 3 shotgroupsare great, all holes are touching. The second day of this years season I dropped 2 deer at 246 yards with one shot each, one hit in the neck and one at the base of the neck. Great gun.
My only problem with my 700 is this------------------------------------------------------------WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO GET THIS GUN??????
Good luck to all.
I've had exactly the same thoughts about my 700 ADL .243. I too used an '06 and didn't like the recoil. I bought my son a Model 7 Youth .243, and really enjoyed the light recoil whilegetting itsighted in.A couple days later, a local store put their 700 ADL .243's on sale for $249... I figured that was a sign from God... and it's now my favorite rifle.
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Default RE: 243 and deer

I was always a little worried about a 243 being too small for deer but after reading this I'm going to buy one for my son. The exit hole pic sold me for sure.
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Default RE: 243 and deer

I might consider a 243/223 if I were just hunting varmits and whitetails. However I like a litttle more versitility when I buy a rifle. Where I hunt, elk are also common and the mulies are big critters. The 7mm-08 has very little more recoil than the 243 but is so much more versitile that Its a no brainer for me.
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Quick Reply: 243 and deer

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