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Abrams909 10-15-2006 09:27 PM

Info needed for Alaska Sitka hunt
First off Im a noob on this site so, Hi to all. I really have gained alot from reading the topics and tech info on here.

As for the reason of my post, Ive hunted deer here locally (Kalifornia, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming etc.) but this year will be my first Alaska hunt. Im going to Kodiak from the begining to middle of November of this year.

Ive done countless hours of research online, in books and through contacts. Yet as we all know, nothing beats getting intel from someone that has been there before.

I would like to get more info on weather, conditions and recomended gear (besides the usual). Also any behavior patterns that are known of Sitka blacktails that differ from other species of deer.

Thank you in advance for any info.

Judyboi 10-15-2006 09:40 PM

RE: Info needed for Alaska Sitka hunt
Hey, welcome! First off I know nothing of which could help you personally. But the good news is I do know of the best forum online to find out about hunting/fishing in alaska. These guys can really help you out.

good luck, I have wanted to hunt deer with the bears for years now! I hope you have a blast, and a safe one at that....

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