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Scentloc or Scentblocker?

Old 10-14-2006, 10:32 PM
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Default Scentloc or Scentblocker?

Which do u perfer?
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Old 10-14-2006, 11:26 PM
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Default RE: Scentloc or Scentblocker?

I have scent blocker. I don't use it a lot because it didn't seem to make much difference. I'll put the pants on when it gets colder for an extra layer.
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Old 10-15-2006, 07:45 AM
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Default RE: Scentloc or Scentblocker?

They both use the same type of scent adsobtion media(carbon) , and neither one works better than the other so it doesn't matter .
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Default RE: Scentloc or Scentblocker?

I use scent loc. I got some full season with climafleece. I don't think any scent control is 100% full proof. I think the suit eliminates a lot of scent more so than the way I do my regular clothes. Which is H.S. laundry hung outside a couple days then stored in zip loc bags filled with baking soda. Since started using the Scent Loc I have been getting by with deer coming into my set with wind blowing at them. Shot a mature doe at 18 yards last weekend with my scent blowing right at her. I was in a stand 20 ft up but she come from uphill down to me. Another time I was hunting a corner of a alfala/clover field and had swirling winds. Lost my confidense and figured I better make a move to another spot bfore spooking a mature deer. Started to climb down when a year and half 8 point come off of ridge and stepped out at 12 yards. Buck picked around on some green and went on up th ridge where red oaks were dropping. Where I should have been in the first place. Wind was swirling and he never picked me off. On the same set in the last seconds of shooting light had 3 bucks come out, 1 at 30, 2 at 40 but could only see bone and could not tell there caliber. Again wind was swirling and the 1 at 30 moved out into field 60 yards or better and I know for fact my scent was headed right at him because I used my powder puff and it blew right at him. Yesterday morning had a 2and half year buck, which I think was 8 pt as wide as his ears walk into my scent path. When he hit the scent blowing at him he stopped thru his nose up got on edge for a minute then calmed down as if dismissing what he thought he smelled. He angled out of my scent toward me coming thru a shooting lane at 26 yards but let him walk. My experience of 22 years bow hunting, the game would have been over in these situations and probally wouldn't have seen most. Again its not fool proof stuff but just a additional tool that most definitely works for me and will use from now on. Most important note you still must use SKILL and WOODSMANSHIP to be succesful bow hunting mature whitetails. As I said in previous post. I'm no expert and I'm not trying totoot my own horn. Just want to share my experience's with fellow hunters. Thats my purpose for getting on this forum to give and get input on something I love to do.
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Default RE: Scentloc or Scentblocker?

Neither. Wash in scent free soap, spray down with scent killer and play the wind. Carbon suits are a money making scam. They quickly become saturated and cannot be reactivated by a household dryer. The military uses chemical suits which are essentially the same thing but they throw them away after they use them. Why? Because the temps necessary to reactivate the charcoal in the suit are so hot that it would destroy the entire suit.
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Default RE: Scentloc or Scentblocker?

Thats a dagon shame. I must have been very very lucky. Maybe it was the Dead Down Wind I spray on everything that was the trick. Thanks for the input though and I'll still utilise every tool I can to give me just a little edge pursuing a mature buck. Scent Loc included. Again it works for me. Killing me of not getting to hunt this morning. Got some honey doing to do to save face.
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Default RE: Scentloc or Scentblocker?

This is my first year hunting, but I use Scentlok.
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Default RE: Scentloc or Scentblocker?

This is my first year to use any kind of scent suites. I bought a scentblocker outfit. We'll see what happens.
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