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Deer calls

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Default Deer calls

Here's the situation...

I'm born deaf. 34 years old. I use cochlear implant hearing (had the surgery 3 years ago) I can pretty much hear pretty good. But not as nearly as good as normal hearing people can.

I have hunted with my friends for about 7 years now. I've always gone on the first shotgun opener in November in MN. Usually on the first day of the opener, it's a 2 day shotgun weekend, till the next weekend would be a 4-day shotgun season. What I'm saying is that I've never learned to use deer calls. I've tried to watch deer calling videos. I could never understood what they're saying. The "don't do's" or "do's".

I've tried to watch how the behavior of the deer when the hunters use the deer calls on the video. The deer comes to the hunters..but there'd be another call by the hunters to stop in their tracks..which call is that? You know all kind of questions I have..which works best and all. I have an idea how to use it..but when to use it? What about a deer runnin' from another place where the shooting took place? Which call to use to stop the deer just for a second or making the deer run towards you?

See, the kind of "hunt" I'm in is a 2 day hunt when the first light comes on..I'd "hear" gun shooting all around me..could never pin point the direction, I'd keep an eye right away to see if there's any deer movement. Occaisionally I'd see deer running from one spot to another and it'd be too far to shoot. I'd stay at my stand hoping the deer would "happen" to run by me by pure luck. I'd get a deer that way. That's how I hunt. Which is not really even a real hunt. You know what I'm saying?

On the 2nd day is when we do the drives..and that's more fun for me because I'd see more action, and I'm more alert than most people through eyes. I'm more sentistive to movement. And that's how I usually get a deer that way.

I'd like to try to learn how to use the deer calls. See, 2 years ago I went ahead and bought this Deer Phantom call (Phantom Link) whiched costed me alot of money. Tried to use it last year, didn't know how loud to set the speaker or how senstitive the volume should be.

I'm wondering if this call actually works? I couldn't find ANY reviews on that product? Does anybody have this kind of call? Can someone please tell me how to use it? How loud it should be when a deer is 100 yards away? Or closer or further? What call to stop a running deer? You know?

Just need help to use this deer call. I guess I made the "mistake" to buy the most expensive call at the time 2 years ago, I figured the more money, the better. I wonder if I got suckered into it?

Can anyone give me a few tips how to call deer? I have no idea how to..I've seen it done on video, but I don't know what "tone", "pitch", or how loud it should be..when to use it, etc. I'm just frustrated about it since I spent so much money on it..and it doesn't work for me! I know I'm probably scaring it away when I tried it last year than making the deer come to me. I'd like to become more independent rather than depending on my friends for deer. I'd like to hunt on my own, sitting in a tree and use the calls like any other hunters do.

Any help on this phantom call would help me a great deal! I'm hoping to get some help from the people who have used this type of digital deer call.

Thanks in advance.


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Default RE: Deer calls

I've given a verbal grunt at running deer a few times to stop them for a shot, but I've never been able to "call" a deer in with a call. I'll just take my chances with food plots or other food sources hunting.
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Default RE: Deer calls

I think the easiest way to set your volume would be to get some of your buddies to stand at various distances from your stand, and play the call at a certain volume (count how many times you click the volume or mark the dial with a dot of paint. Have your buddies signal to you when they can hear the call. Set a dot on the dial for each distance, and adjust it back a tiny bit for deer since they hear better than humans. Then when you see a deer, use the setting closest to that distance. If you are trying to call deer in, use a setting somewhere in the middle.

As far as what kind of call will stop a running deer? A fawn distress call will stop a doe almost every time. Stopping a running buck is another matter. I haven't had much experience calling deer, so that would be best left to someone with more experience than myself with calling.

Hope that helps with your volume problem though......
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Default RE: Deer calls

With shots going on all around you I’m not sure any call will work but I called in a button buck with a can call this weekend. I was starting to think it just didn’t work so this was pretty motivating.

http://www.basspro.com/servlet/catalog.TextId?hvarTextId=79481&hvarTarget=sea rch&hvarAID=&cmCat=3336809
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Default RE: Deer calls

A great call that works, that has it's own pitch w/out using your mouth is the "can call." They come in various sizes with various tones of pitch, each equal to the size of the call. I use the "Lil Can." It's not a really loud call which is good for the deer that might be somewhat close, 100 or less yards.

It's a great call, all you do is hold it in your hand and tip it over and it makes a doe bleat.
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