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Combating tree stand boredom?

Old 10-10-2006, 08:57 PM
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

Cell phone games......
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

I solve all of lifes problems up there. 'course at the first twig snap or leaf crackle that could be a shooter I forgot it all and have to start over again.
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Old 10-11-2006, 04:06 AM
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

Strangely enough I dont' find myself getting bored too much. Sometimes during a dark to dark sit I start to hallucinate, but for the most part I'm always alert. There's always something to look at or something going on in the woods it seems. Squirells running around, turkeys, geese flying, and of course deer. The woods are a busy place and entertainment in itself if you ask me. If I ever do have a total lull of boredom, it doesn't seem to last too long before something gets my attention.
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

Mostly a book, small paperback that I can quickly drop into a pocket or my backpack, took a hand held video game once, didin't use it though.

I read in small stints, for 15-30 minutes, depending on the book, then stop for an hour or so. I have shot several deer while reading. It helps keep you from fidgeting. My son is a fidgeter, when he reads he is dead still.
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

I take a small electronic yahtzee game. it is small enough to slip into my pocket quietly and can keep me occupied for a good while.
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

once you take a few thumper bucks out of a tree you want get bored to easy,take a magizine or book ,take a nap.before you knpw it it will be noon so you should stay till dark some of my best deer came around mid day.you cant get one at camp or on the couch,so if you dont have nothing else to do, stay all day ,,bring plenty water and sandwiches ,dont forget your snickers bars ...thanks..aim small miss small
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

try a pocket size crossword or word search. thats what my daughter used to do when i took her small game hunting. i just sit and think and listen. i have no problem spending time alone with myself, i enjoy my own company....
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

I learned years ago that my best chance of tagging a deer was sitting high above the forest floor. This is especially true when hunting New Englandwhere deer numbers are not as high as other states/provinces.

Even before treestands flooded the market. I would select that perfect pine tree that I would call home.
Get away (as much as you possibly can) from the deer's absolute BEST defense mechanism, his sense of smell.

Nothing against stillhunters, it's just my style and I have the uncanny ability to stay all day (11+ hours) for days at a time and under most weather conditions. That may not seem like a big deal but since I was born when Truman was President, it's something that is rewarding to me.

NYBH hit the nail on the head....I seldom get bored because of all that goes on below (and sometimes above) me when sitting 20+ feet high.

The most important factor is that I can only "command" a certail area -sometimes only30 yds by 60 yds - but if any deer comes within my zone, I usually have a big decision to make. Of course that is to squeeze it off or let it walk.

It also gives me the opportunity to watch deer in their natural setting. Ain't nothing in this world like sitting high watching deer move around you, totally unaware of your presence.
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

Dillpickle flavored sunflower seeds. Although the scent police may disagree but I've never had problem with it...
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Default RE: Combating tree stand boredom?

Pretend that you're really interested in deer hunting and sit there and scan the environment while you contemplate your next move. Don't forget to enjoy nature while you're out there.
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