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Tracking Help

Old 10-08-2006, 07:27 PM
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Default Tracking Help

Heres the deal, long story short. My dad shot a deer today, but couldn't find it. He said it was a solid lung shot. I'm going with him tomorrow to help him look for it. The problem is it is raining now and I'm pretty sure it will wash away the blood trail. Any advice on how to track the animal?
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Old 10-08-2006, 07:41 PM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

Rain washed away the blood trail, eh?

He says, "It was a solid lung shot." Intresting. Very intresting. I am somewhat curious as to his tone of voice and demeanor while he said "solid lung shot".

This alleged "solid lung shot" was made with ane arrow I assume? Was this alleged arrow found? Not found as in religously, butas in after the alleged "solid lung shot". If so,what type of blood did it show? If indeed it was the arrow that cause the alleged "solid lung shot"? Hmmmm?

Now was the alleged "shot" into the wind or into a cross wind?

And at what speed and direction was the wind blowing?

Was the alleged shooter born on a Tuesday of an even numbered year or a Friday of an odd numbered year?

Is the alleged shooter right or left-handed?

Alright, I'm no Colombo but here's my true advice. I would focus on the area about 40 yards wide from the last place he saw that deer to the nearest water source.

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Old 10-08-2006, 08:16 PM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

Uncle Matt has been drinking the cheap wine again......?..

You didn't say what he shot the deer with, but a solid lung shot should have put the deer down within a hundred yards or so. Doing a grid like search in the direction the deer went is about the only thing you can do. Hope it is cooler in Montana than it is here......
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Old 10-09-2006, 04:10 AM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

"Solid Lung" shot = dead deer.

Dead deer with no blood trail = go find it.
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Default RE: Tracking Help

I agree if this was in fact a "solid lung shot"then he wouldn't go far and I would start searching. If he just beleived it was a sold lung shot and in reality it was a bad shot, I would search anyway but wouldn't get my hopes up.
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Old 10-09-2006, 10:20 PM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

the rain shouldnt wash away foot prints from the ground and leaves so start where he shot it and follow these. this has helped me find a few deer in the past
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Old 10-10-2006, 06:06 AM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

Excellent point Hobie. I've tracked deer via foot prints before. If it was hit good, you may see an unusual foot pattern, like dragging/stumbling marks. And we did find the deer.
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Old 10-10-2006, 07:31 AM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

so...did you find it? its like a story without an ending.....
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Old 10-10-2006, 02:06 PM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

as a last effort try walking with several people in the direction of the last sighting about 20 yards apart looking for any sign
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Old 10-10-2006, 02:48 PM
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Default RE: Tracking Help

Get a dog....
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