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button buck help

Old 09-06-2006, 10:50 PM
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Default button buck help

How do I know if it is a doe or button buck? I have shot button bucks in the past I dont like to. I know its something about the nose and the body.
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Default RE: button buck help

On fawns it is hard to tell. A mature doe will have a longer body than a fawn. Fawns are more tall than they are long. Also the face of a mature doe will be longer. Hope this helps.
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Default RE: button buck help

also if you see a small deer alone its more likely to be a button buck. does tend to kick them out of the family right around deer season. the one i killed was alone. the one dad killed was also alone. it is a little tough to ID them when they are alone. if they come in with momma i always try to take her...shes bigger! lol. and the yearlings will be fine without her by that point
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Default RE: button buck help

Heres how I was taught the differences between a doe and a fawn. Look for the big floppy ears. A doe will have big floppy ears while a yearling or fawn will have shorter stubbier ears. Its hard telling when they are by themselves so always wait for 2 or more to show up.
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Default RE: button buck help

Look for a "belly horn" ...
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Default RE: button buck help

What I look for are the nose and the tail...A big mature doe will have a long nose...Also with a smaller deer the tail looks long in relationship to its body, it will usually be longer than the hams on the deer...Here in NC our bowseason opens on September 9th...in the Piedmont area it runs about 2 months...I like to take does from early bow season until the first or second week of October...Then the bucks are starting to rut and I buck hunt....I start back taking does in the middle of December as the rut cools down...During the later part of the season you have to really pay attention and compair deer if possible...Its easy to kill a larger button buck at this time, eapecially if you see them under low light conditions, as another said especially if they come in by themselves...A good set of binoculars also helps...Good Luck
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Default RE: button buck help

Just don't shoot unless your absolutely sure. Wait til it gets close enough so you can see if there are two little knots on the head. I will not shoot a button buck. If I decide to take a doe fawn later in the season I make sure first it is not a button buck. You shouldn't mistake a button buck for a mature doe. The mature doe is going to be much larger. From a distance I can understand not being able to distinguish a doe fawn from a button buck. The button buck is usually going to be more stocky than the doe. If your not sure though, don't shoot.
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Default RE: button buck help

Good optics are a necessity. Look at the head, the shape of the head. A young bucks head will be shorter, young masculine and the bumps on his head should be visible unless he is real little.
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Default RE: button buck help

A good rule of thumb I have stuck with is a mature doe is longer than she is tall, a fawn or yearling will be about as long as they are tall. Has not failed me yet.
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Default RE: button buck help

Ground Checkem, just kidding... Just look real hard at the head for the nubbs. If you cant tell dont risk it...
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Quick Reply: button buck help

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