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neck4752 08-26-2006 11:10 PM

Stevens 200 or Mossberg 100 ATR
Ok Guys I am in the market for a rifle seeing as I will hunt a state that allows you to hunt with a rifle. Any how I dont want to spend much. One gun store told me they could get me a Stevens 200 for $300, and the Mossberg 100ATR is on sale at another place for $225. I am thinking of going with the 30.-06. Also what is a good scope for under $100. I want a bargain rifle that will last years and get a few deer under its belt?



timbercruiser 08-27-2006 08:11 AM

RE: Stevens 200 or Mossberg 100 ATR
Either one of the rifles will do the trick. Which one fits you best and looks best to you? The 30.06 is a time tested caliber and will take anything on the continent. As far as the scope goes, I don't think you can get a good scope for $100. Go to and look at their scope prices and don't overlook the "samplelist" listings on the left of the page for used/refurbished yet guaranteed scopes. Lot of good choices there, and if you have any questions they have a courteous staff that you can call or e-mail with any questions. They have rings and mounts also.

duckcommander727 08-27-2006 08:33 AM

RE: Stevens 200 or Mossberg 100 ATR
go with the mossberg idk bout 100$ scope if so then get the remington model 710 its 324$ and comes with a bushnell thats just what i got yesterday and its a nice gun

buttonbuckmaster 08-27-2006 09:51 AM

RE: Stevens 200 or Mossberg 100 ATR
I'd get the Stevens. My father in law has one in .243 and its quite the shooter. The Stevens cost alittle less than the mossy around here. $100 scope will be adequate, but nothing special. Do yourself a favor, avoid the 710 at all costs. There are several dealers in my area that won't take them in trade...too many problems.

heeze gutshot shortee 09-15-2006 07:37 AM

RE: Stevens 200 or Mossberg 100 ATR
both are good deals. less trigger creep with the stevens. good scope nikon danner dusk to dawn $69 change left for trying shells

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