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Dragging the deer out

Old 09-27-2006, 04:51 AM
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I'm with you!! With my busted up back all I do is gut it, grab the inner loins, and bone out the whole animal a quarter at a time. I go to the local goodwill each season start and pick up a dozen used pillow cases and put the meat directly into the pillow cases and it stays nice and clean. I then put each pillow case into a garbage bag to keep my pack from getting too bloody. I fill my pack, put as much as I can on the outrigger of my packboard and off I go. There are some real disappointed coyotes when they come across one of my boned out carcusses....of course they always get a nice gut pile out of the deal. I even already have most all of my jerky ready from cutting off small chunks here and there all over the neck and lower legs.
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Old 09-27-2006, 02:12 PM
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I'm not that old (33) and I keep my self in pretty good shape, but I don't find it fun at all to haul a deer out of the woods. I usually go back to my truck get my cooler on wheels with a handle and head on back. Butcher him right there and leave. Of course if you live somewhere where you need to take him to a check station that's another problem, but in VA you just call the animal in and tear a corner off of the tag.

P.S. Throw a bungie cord in the cooler too, that way if you want to keep the skull you don't have to carry it in your hand the whole way back. Just strap to the top of the cooler.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

ill i do is just tie a rope to the neck and start dragging.. there is alot easier ways but im too lazy to use them

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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

challynger...the plastic sled comments are rightoh
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Old 10-05-2006, 07:15 PM
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I have "The Deer Glide" Which I love. I haven't seen it advertised in a couple of years though. I rolls up into approx. 5" by 20" and works great. I have seen a product almost just like it but can't remember the name.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

An old timer showed me once how and I will never forget it. He took a piece of rope about eight feet long and tied one front ankle and brought it up to the deers ear. He then wrapped the rope around the deers neck. he brought the other ankle up to the deers ear and wrapped a little more rope around the deers neck. Making sure to leave enough rope to make a loop that will go over your shoulders. Bringing up the deers head about waist high. Then just walk it out. In this way you are only dragging half of the deer as the other half is off the ground. I have used this method more then once and it works great for me.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I hunt in Iowa where party hunting is legal and when we drag on out, we cut between the tendon and bone on both hind legs and find a decent sized branch to run through them. Then have a guy grab onto each end of the branch. We almost always have to haul one or two about three miles back to the truck. Usually the same two guys can drag it the whole way and walk at the same pace as everyone else.
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Old 10-06-2006, 02:05 PM
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I would say dont waste your money on gadgets just use a rope and tie onto the antlers, or use the old fasioned method grab the antlers and drag, otherwise just cut into the hind legs so you can make a handle and drag from there, it seems to work pretty good.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I use a camlock strap tie down. On a doe I remove the gland in the rear leg and place one through each H bone, slip it around my waist and walk off. For a buck I loop it around the antlers instead. With the camlock I tighten orloosen in depending on how much lead i may require. Worksfor me and they are always in my truck, so it is one thing I don't forget!
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

well...if there is snow i do it myself...but if there isn't...that's what husbands and fathers are for. thats why we got a deer cart for christmas last year. (early christmas present) it works so well that even my 130 lb. self can get any deer out of the woods. get one with the wheels in the middle so it forms a pivot. it is completely balanced and even a kid can drag out a 200 lb. deer.
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