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Dragging the deer out

Old 08-10-2006, 11:35 AM
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

not sure where you hunt, but one area i hunt has a dirt road..i use a mountain bike to ride in the 5 miles...(no motorized vehicles allowed out on this road) but i use a bike trailer...works wonders...i acutally store it hidden in the woods (public land) until i get one down...but other places i hunt,,,drag via the antlers...i hunt blacktails in CA so they are no were near the weight of the whitetails out by you guys...
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

When I was younger ( 28 now ) I would trade my dragging services for a field dressing service. I use to hate doing that. Ibought got a pretty good cart for getting deer out, but have always forgot it at home. I have had the cart for 2 years and have never used it, but it looks like it will work. Good old muscle and rope.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

The best thing I have ever used, is the two wheeled, air tired deer cart. Better than a wheel barrow. A 10 year old kid could pull a 200 lb. buck across a 12" high field of grass with one of these things. It goes through brush quite well, also. Faster and less sweat. What could be better than that? (having someone do it for you)
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I wore out the bottom of a cheap plastic sled using it to pull deer out . It also keeps any blood that drains out in the sled instead of in the truck bed. I have a 6'X2' piece of plywood that I keep in the back of the S10 . When I get the deer to the truck on the sled , I put the plywood on the ground and slide the sled onto it. I lower the tailgate and lift one end of the plywood and set it on the tailgate. Then I grab the other end of the plywood , lift and slide everything into the truck . It's the easiest way for me to manage alone. I bought a replacement sled at a garage sale for $2 .....
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I carry a nylon sling that is about 2" wide with a rope attached. Tie the rope to the deer, slip the sling over my shoulders and start walking. That is unless I'm more than 1/2 mile from my vehicle. Then I go to the truck, and take out my old steel wagon and load the deer on that. Pretty slick.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

I have used the carton two of mine and they worked great, but my last years buck was on the other side of the river and i used the cheap sled like mentioned above and it work great also.. Walt
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

If I've got a really long drag, I tie through the back legs and drag him out rear-first. I think that way you get the highest percentage of the remaining bodyweight off the ground. The head & front shoulders aren't as heavy as the front shoulders & hind quarters. I just use one of those nylon straps over the shoulder and a loop of rope.

For this season, Ibought one of those deer carts - I can't wait to try it out. As a test, I loaded it up with a couple hundred pounds of dog food and pulled it around the yard. I think a child could pull it.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

You had it just about right Mustad. Larry Benoit used to drag them with a small rope with the 2 ends tied to a piece of wood. You put the wood across your chest and pull like a draft horse or pull with 2 hands behind you like pulling a sled. His rope was short to keep the head up and was easily packabke without adding weight. I have pulled dozens of northcountry bucks out this way. For Christmas one year the kids gave me a fold up harness with rope. It packs into a spot that is the size of a pack of butts and doesn't add weight. I like to travel light so I use that. The rope is about 5' and the harness goes across my chest.
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

If you only shoot bucks then you will alway have a handle to drag them out with
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Default RE: Dragging the deer out

ORIGINAL: kevin1

I use a cheap flat bottomed plastic toboggan style snow sled , it's long enough to keep the whole deer off of the ground , provides a smooth bottom to reduce drag , and keeps dirt off of the carcass . Much easier than dragging a "sticky" carcass on the bare ground . It was $8 at WM .
Me too. Wore out two of my kids sleds over the past 20 years . Course they helped wear them out by sliding the sleds downhill in the snow. But my use of the little boggans did the lions share of the damage. The sleds work to assist whether theres snow or not. I usually use a small 4' X 6' tarp to wrap up the deer then lash the carcass to the sled's handles (the ones that aren't broken!) When I lash the deer into/onto the sled I pull tight on the cords and it kinda bends the sled into a modified tube that slides it's way through a lot of crud.
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